Are you looking for an FM radio that is both functional and the perfect travel companion? Well, you've come to the right place. We have put together a comprehensive list of the Best FM radio in India. FM radios are one of the flexible, traditional forms of communication that still look beautiful in this day of technological advancement. The biggest advantage of an FM radio is that you may have amusement without using electricity or the internet. You may use it to listen to music, shows, tales, and much more. Take a look at our top 10 FM radio players in India!

Our Pick

Saregama Carvaan Mini Hindi 2.0- Music Player

Best FM Radio in India With Bluetooth

With features like a USB connector, SD card slot, AUX socket, and microphone functions to assist you record sounds, this radio set provides you access to multiple radio stations.

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Saregama Carvaan Mini Hindi 2.0-Music Player, our top choice, comes pre-loaded with 351 Hindi songs. It has a battery that can run for up to five hours on a single charge. You can listen to your personal music library via the USB and Bluetooth modes. Additionally, a 3.5 mm audio connection is present for adding external speakers or headphones.


Philips Radio DL167/94 with MW/SW/FM Bands

Best Battery Powered FM Radio in India

It is one of the best-selling FM radio in India, which boasts most of its amazing features.

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The radio is quite simple to use, and it has no noticeable flaws. Philips Radio DL167/94 with MW/SW/FM Bands, our runner-up option, has a straightforward layout and minimalist style. It is the perfect present for people of all ages due to its user-friendly features. If you're seeking nice radios in India that are available online, this Philips tabletop radio is definitely a fantastic buy thanks to its timeless retro style and contemporary functionality.

Budget Pick

Amkette Pocket FM Radio Portable Multimedia

Best Budget-Friendly FM Radio

You can grab this best FM radio if you have a tight budget and look for simple gadgets to entertain yourself.

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But we discovered that the audio is not very clear. Overall, it is a portable radio that may be used when travelling. Amkette Pocket FM Radio Portable Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker with Voice Recorder, our pick for the lowest price, may be connected to your PC, smartphone, or tablet via Bluetooth. A hook (for fastening the hand strap that is included) and a single-LED torchlight are located on the left side of the Amkette Pocket speaker. It provides crisp sound and supports playback through external speakers or headphones via a (3.5MM) jack socket. It has a built-in 3W speaker.

Despite the product's little flimsiness, it performs well overall.

Top 10 FM Radio Player in India

In this post, we have a list of the top 10 FM radio players in India with what’s good in them and what’s not.

  1. Saregama Carvaan Mini Hindi 2.0- Music Player
  2. Philips Radio DL167/94 with MW/SW/FM Bands
  3. Amkette Pocket FM Radio Portable Multimedia
  4. Zebronics Wireless Bluetooth Portable FM Radio
  5. Philips Audio RL191/94 with MW/FM Bands
  6. iBELL Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker
  7. Amkette Pocket Blast FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker
  8. Zebronics Zeb-County 3 Portable Wireless Speaker

1. Saregama Carvaan Mini Hindi 2.0- Music Player

The Saregama Carvaan Mini Hindi radio has a solid music library. The sound quality and connectivity are good. Its battery offers a five-hour runtime capacity on a single charge. There is also a 3.5 mm audio jack for attaching additional speakers or headphones.

There aren't any major issues with the radio, and it's pretty straightforward to operate.

2. Philips Radio DL167/94 with MW/SW/FM Bands

Considering all of its user-friendly features, Philips Radio can be the ideal gift for everyone. This tabletop radio is unquestionably a beautiful radio in India that is highly demanded online due to its classic retro aesthetic and modern functionality.

But we found that the audio quality isn't great. Overall, it's a travel-friendly radio that can be used.

3. Amkette Pocket FM Radio Portable Multimedia

The Amkette Pocket FM Radio with Bluetooth functionality is a portable device that includes a bluetooth speaker and voice recorder. The Amkette Pocket speaker has a hook and a single LED torchlight on its left side. It allows for the use of external speakers or headphones and generates crystal-clear music when connected via a (3.5MM) port. A 3W speaker is housed inside it.

Despite a small amount of flimsiness, the product works well in general.

4. Zebronics Wireless Bluetooth Portable FM Radio

Are you seeking a practical FM radio that would make the ideal travel companion? Take advantage of the best features offered by this Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY 3W Wireless FM radio. This radio's ability to be recharged, which makes it convenient for us to use, is its most fascinating feature. In addition, it has a USB/SD card player so you may listen to your preferred playlists.

The body is sturdy despite being constructed of plastic.

5. Philips Audio RL191/94 with MW/FM Bands

This radio is easy for us to clean and maintain because of its tabletop form and solid grip. For simple and comfortable handling, it also has a power on/off switch and wireless connectivity. Additionally, the efficiency of this small FM radio is enhanced by the volume and tuning controls.

Despite the fact that we had anticipated receiving battery pairs in the shipment, the product is still a good value for the money.

6. iBELL Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

You could be pleasantly surprised by the crystal-clear sounds of this iBell radio and its portable features. It is small and has an eight-hour battery life. It is battery-powered and works with AM and FM. Additionally, it contains an AUX connector so that you can attach additional devices to your radio.

Although the product is quite expensive, if you enjoy taking long bike rides and don't like to use headphones, bring this beauty along and enjoy flawless music as you journey.

7. Amkette Pocket Blast FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker

This radio has a full number pad for a simple song and FM selection, Bluetooth, FM, USB/SD MP3 Player, or Aux input for music playback from anywhere. This freshly created speaker has an FM antenna built-in, a very dependable Type C charging connector, and more than 7 hours of Bluetooth battery life.

The charging cord is not long enough. But apart from that, everything including sound quality is too good.

8. Zebronics Zeb-County 3 Portable Wireless Speaker

With so many connectivity options, you can stream music directly from your smartphone, USB, or SD card. It has a TWS Function that allows you to pair another Zeb-County 3 with ease, set up a True Wireless Stereo Mode, and double the fun.

Occasionally, it requires time to correct and get rid of distortion. Apart from that, the entire product offers decent value for the money.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

This list of the top 10 FM radio players in India was compiled with great care by our experts. Our crew tested, inspected, and analyzed each item using a variety of criteria before selecting the top 10 best FM radios available in India. Our crew, which comprised housewives, PG students, restaurant owners, and office building housekeeping managers, decided on the final product list.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our product testing is entirely based on assessments made in the real world by actual users. To test each product for a range of uses, our team of 20 people came from different backgrounds.

They chose the top 50 well-known items that are sold online on various shopping portals. Three months of exhaustive testing were needed to determine the top ten FM radios in India. Each product underwent several rounds of testing and was put to the test in accordance with various standards established by our two supervisors, Aman and Rohit.

You can trust our list of the Best FM Radio in India because it is accurate. Choose your preferred option from the offered choices.

Who This Is For

For anyone searching for a straightforward instrument to amuse themselves indoors or outside, we suggest this best FM Radio in India. This list is primarily for people who:

  • Are fans of music
  • Reside alone and distant from your family
  • Want to get news and updates in your community
  • Wish to enrich their life with entertainment
  • Are fans of podcasts
  • Want the best FM radio in India
  • Want to know the best brands that are selling the best FM radios with excellent features
  • Want any background music for concentrating or relaxing

How We Picked

In order to evaluate and test the items, our team always establishes a few key factors. The ones selected for this product are as follows:

  1. Portability: Customers favour portable and small radios over large, stationary radios if it comes to FM radios. This will guarantee simple handling, application, and upkeep. So, we put together a list of portable radios.
  2. Recording Option: This is among the most important qualities an FM radio can have. We selected items that include a microphone and a slot for a USB connection or a TF/SD card.
  3. Battery: Our team decided on lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer radio batteries since they have a lifespan of 16 to 24 months. They also offer a longer charge, saving you from having to often charge and swap out batteries.
  4. Price: This is another crucial factor that we used while testing these radios.
  5. Warranty: This is another main parameter. We grabbed only the best products that come with a hassle-free warranty.
  6. Additional Features: An FM radio can now function as a Bluetooth speaker, music player, and other similar devices. We thus tested extra elements to ensure that customers receive the highest-quality FM radio.

Our Picks

Sr. No.ProductCheck Price
1Saregama Carvaan Mini Hindi 2.0- Music PlayerBuy Now
2Philips Radio DL167/94 with MW/SW/FM BandsBuy Now
3Amkette Pocket FM Radio Portable MultimediaBuy Now
4Zebronics Wireless Bluetooth Portable FM RadioBuy Now
5Philips Audio RL191/94 with MW/FM BandsBuy Now
6iBELL Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth SpeakerBuy Now
7Amkette Pocket Blast FM Radio Bluetooth SpeakerBuy Now
8Zebronics Zeb-County 3 Portable Wireless SpeakerBuy Now

Final Verdict

Our top pick-up, Saregama Carvaan Mini Hindi 2.0- Music Player, is pre-loaded with 351 Hindi songs. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 long hours.

Our runner pick-up, Philips Radio DL167/94 with MW/SW/FM Bands is one of the best quality FM radios you can buy that features simple control buttons.

The Bluetooth-enabled Amkette Pocket FM Radio Portable Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker with Voice Recorder, which is our budget pick for the best value, can be connected to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.