Shop Sutra! That's a different name - you might think. The idea struck the minds of a few jovial people who could not resist buying stuff online. Jovial is a kind word there to describe the mindset of our founders. The right word to be used here would be "shopaholics".
Now our shopaholic founders were always clouded with shopping issues. The most prominent one being not buying the right products. They knew what they wanted to buy, but at times landed with the wrong product type or brand. It caused a lot of heartburn and empty pockets at times.
Having a marketing research background coupled with some neat IT skills, these dudes wondered - are we the only ones in agony? After many research hours and some complex number crunching, enlightenment was achieved and Shop Sutra was born.

What Does Shop Sutra Do & Why You Should Follow It?

Shopping online has its own merits and pitfalls. Merits you all know, we are here to address pitfalls. Most of us shop on the descriptions that we read on the online marketplaces. Well, specs and all are good to know but they don't address the core objective - the utility of the product. The attributes are not clearly explained and you end up buying a product that you didn't really want to.
Shop Sutra addresses it. We are here to provide you with category-wide product reviews. With us, you would know whether a product suits your needs or not thereby assisting you in making a very smart purchase decision.
The journey has just begun. With your support, we are sure we will scale new realms of shopping awesomeness.