Health is wealth! An old saying goes well with the products like Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is almost 200-350 times sweeter than sugar. It replaces our table sugars and gives considerable health benefits. This natural product is derived from a herbal shrub called Stevia Rebaudiana that majorly grows in South America and Brazil. These shrubs are being used for medical purposes and dietary supplements for the last many years. In this article, we have listed the best Stevia brands in India which is safe to use and recommended by nutritionists to use in place of sugar. To help us select the best Stevia powder in India, we had with us a team of volunteers including nutritionists, diabetic patients, and those using Stevia regularly in their diets. After testing almost 70 products for around one month, we present to you the best 10 Stevia brands in India.

For the best Stevia brand in India, our top pick has to be Sugar-Free Green Stevia Powder, made from natural Stevia. It is a vegetarian and 100% natural Stevia powder made from the meethi tulsi plant. It is highly sweet but unlike sugar, it has almost zero calories. It's a perfect solution to replace the sugar intake for the entire family. It can be used for hot and cold beverages, desserts and is perfect for cooking as well as baking. This product is available in the form of white powder and can be a part of Keto diet plans as well. The proven results and track records of the product make it the best Stevia brand in India.

Our Pick

Sugar-Free Green Stevia Powder

Best Stevia Brand in India

Undoubtedly, the best Steviain India that’s made up of meethi tulsi and is 100% natural. It is safe to consume for the entire family including kids.

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However, few of our volunteers have observed that adding the Sugar-free Green Stevia Powder changes the taste of tea or coffee slightly. Other than that, it is an authentic and original product that also helps in controlling sugar levels. This is the best Steviapowder in India which can curb your sweet cravings without adding any more calories to your diet and is 100% natural.

Our runner-up this time is Zevic 100% Sugar-free Natural Stevia Powder. This product comes in a sachet and one sachet is equal to one teaspoon of sugar. Zevic 100% sugar-free natural Stevia is a boon to health-conscious people, diabetic patients, and people who are weight conscious. It is also extremely easy to carry while traveling. The product is made up of leaves of the Paraguay plant that is generally planted in South America.


Zevic 100% Sugar-free Natural Stevia

Best Stevia for Cooking and Baking Purposes

A runner-up for the best Stevia brand in India. Natural sweetener that’s perfect for cooking, baking, and adding to beverages. Can be consumed by diabetic patients too.

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We checked and realized that the product is not very sweet and you need to add 2-3 sachets in a cup of coffee or tea to get that taste. However, it is a perfect substitute for sugar keeping in mind the health benefits too. The product is highly recommended for people who have given up sugar because of different reasons and still can have the best taste in their food items.

So Sweet Stevia Tablet is the budget pick in the list of best Stevia brands in India. This is a natural sweetener without any harmful chemicals. It is made up of the purest extract of Stevia from Rebaundiana. It is safe to use and a healthy way to sweeten your beverages and food. The product remains stable in heat and thus, can be used for cooking and baking too. It comes in form of small white tablets which can be easily dissolved once added to any food or beverage.

Budget Pick

So Sweet Stevia Tablet

Best Budget Stevia Product

A budget pick that comes in tablets forms and is made up of Reb A, the purest form of Stevia. It is natural and sugar-free and does not spike insulin.

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Our volunteers reported that its taste doesn’t match with original sugar and one needs to use 3 - 4 tablets in a cup of coffee or tea. However, once you get used to its taste, it can easily reduce your daily calorie intake by 99.5%. Also, this product has no artificial ingredients or harmful preservatives and is completely safe to use even for diabetic patients.

10 Best Stevia Brands in India

Our team has analyzed more than 70 Stevia products to present to you the 10 best Stevia in India. We checked the ingredients, taste, advantages, usage, value, etc. for each of the products and listed only the ones that are 100% safe to use. The products are as follows.

  1. Sugar-Free Green Stevia Powder
  2. Zevic 100% Sugar-free Natural Stevia
  3. So Sweet Stevia Tablet
  4. Zindagi Stevia Powder
  5. Sugar-Free Green 100% Natural Sweetener
  6. Organic India Natural Sweetener Stevia
  7. Steviocal Sweetener All Natural Stevia
  8. Magic Leaf Stevia Sugar-Free Powder
  9. Bliss of Earth 99.8% REB A purity Stevia Powder
  10. Steviana Zero-Calorie Stevia Sweetener

After analyzing different parameters and aspects of each product, we have finalized the above-listed 10 best Stevia in India. Let's analyze their finer details.

1. Sugar-Free Green Stevia Powder

It's a 100% natural Stevia powder made up of meethi tulsi. The calorie content is almost zero and it is good for kids too. It's a perfect replacement for sugar in beverages and food. This is a powder base product and thus, easy to dissolve and mix well with any ingredient.

We observed that after adding this product to tea or coffee, it makes them taste a little artificial. However, owing to its great health benefits such as reduced calorie intake, balanced sugar levels, and low risk of cavities, it is a must-try product.

2. Zevic 100% Sugar-free Natural Stevia

This one is a 100% vegetarian product made from the sweet leaf of Paraguay. It comes in a sachet form and gives natural sugar taste to beverages and food. One sachet is equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar.

However, our team concluded that at least 2-3 sachets are required in one cup of beverage. This is an organic product and is a perfect sugar substitute.

3. So Sweet Stevia Tablet

This Stevia is a 100% natural sweetener that comes in tablet form. It contains Reb A which is the purest form of Stevia. One tablet is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar. It is absorbed slowly in the body and gives a negligible change in insulin or blood sugar levels. Stevia also serves as an effective and good digestive supplement. It is easy to carry too.

However, it doesn't taste exactly like sugar and leaves a bitter taste sometimes. Being in tablet form, it doesn't dissolve easily at times.

4. Zindagi Stevia Powder

This Stevia powder is a 100% natural replacement for cane sugar. The product is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial sweetener or chemicals. It is made up of Stevia plant extract and is enriched with fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

It was observed that this powder takes up moisture easily and may develop lumps in case it is not appropriately stored. Else, the quality and taste of the product are good. It is a great substitute for sugar with numerous health benefits and absolutely no side effects.

5. Sugar-Free Green 100% Natural Sweetener

This sweetener comes in pellets form and one pellet is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar in terms of sweetness. It is 100% natural and is made up of meethi tulsi. It has great health benefits and being in pellets forms, is easy to carry and use while traveling. One pellet gives sufficient sugar-like sweet taste for one cup of beverage.

We have seen that this product once added to beverages or food gives an after-taste of mint. Overall, it is a good product that also helps in low-calorie intake.

6. Organic India Natural Sweetener Stevia

This is a natural Stevia product that makes the beverages and desserts 100% calorie-free. It is safe to use for diabetic patients too and doesn't affect blood sugar levels. The product comes in a sachet form and one sachet can be easily used in two cups of beverages.

The product is a little sweeter than sugar or any other Stevia product and gives an extra sweet taste to the beverages and food. Overall, it is a great product to reduce sugar consumption through natural ingredients.

7. Steviocal Sweetener All Natural Stevia

This product is made from the leaves of the Stevia plant. It can curb your sweet cravings while adding no calories or carbs to your body. It is also a keto diet-friendly product that helps in managing body weight too. One gram of this powder equals two teaspoons of sugar.

However, it does have a slightly different odor and sometimes, leaves an aftertaste too. Altogether, it’s a good choice for a healthy lifestyle and diet management.

8. Magic Leaf Stevia Sugar-Free Powder

This product is a natural sweetener made from the finest quality Stevia extracts. It does not contain any chemicals or preservatives. It is a zero-calorie product and is completely safe for diabetic patients too. One spoon of powder is equal to two spoons of regular sugar.

It can be used by the entire family including kids. However, its price is slightly higher than its other competitors.

9. Bliss of Earth 99.8% REB A purity Stevia Powder

This product is a healthy alternative to sugar with the goodness of purity. It is a highly concentrated product and one jar of 200 grams can easily last for 2 months. It has no chemicals or harmful preservatives; it’s a 100% natural product.

Our volunteers did observe a slight change in the taste of the beverage with its addition. Overall, the product is very good and safe for children and diabetic patients too. It can be consumed even when you are on the keto diet and has no side effects.

10. Steviana Zero - Calorie Stevia Sweetener

This product comes in powder form and is made of dry leaves of Stevia. It has no side effects and is perfect to use for diabetic people, children, and people who are on weight loss programs.

It is manufactured in Saudi Arabia and therefore, is quite expensive from others. However, it’s a perfect sugar substitute that has no after taste and is easy to carry as it’s packed in sachets.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

We work very hard on selecting each product, firstly to check and then to list them after a varied discussion with our volunteers and team. We tried all products in different beverages and foods and used them for various purposes to check their efficacy. We even used it for cooking and baking several desserts to check their heat stability and taste. Let’s get to know our complete procedure and methodology followed behind this review.

Why You Should Trust Us

We picked 70 types of Stevia products, both powder and tablet forms, available in the market. Their packaging was also different, with a few being packaged in a box while others being available in sachet form. This helped us identify their suitability while traveling.

We made a team of volunteers who were from different regions and even different age groups to assess the parameters of the products. Our team of volunteers included nutritionists, bakers, cookie makers, diabetic patients, and people who use stevia products regularly and have sound knowledge about the same.

For almost 3 months, our team was regularly using different Stevia products and marking and checking all the parameters we listed to finalize the products. We also studied the product ingredients, usage, and other things to conclude.

We compared the feedback of our volunteers on different products to get the most genuine list of the best stevia brands in India. Hence, here we are with simply the best of the best stevia brands in India.

Who This Is For

These days, we all are more health-conscious and regularly work to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Stevia is a natural sweetener that helps replace cane sugar. The Stevia products are meant for:

  • People looking for a healthy alternative to sugar.
  • Diabetic patients who wish to curb their sugar cravings.
  • Keto diet followers.
  • Calorie-conscious people.
  • People following weight loss programs.
  • People who have to maintain their blood sugar levels.

How We Picked

With several varieties of stevia products available in the market, selecting the top ones is no less than a daunting task. Hence, we came up with important parameters to differentiate them and assess their quality. These are:

Taste: Stevia products are mainly used to replace regular sugar in the diet. Hence, their tastes must match. When Stevia is mixed with beverages or food, it shouldn’t alter the flavor or leave an aftertaste.

Efficacy: Efficacy is the ability of the product to bring the desired results. Stevia is 250-300 times sweeter than regular sugar. The product should be able to match the best taste with no side effects and should provide health benefits to the consumer.

Cost: This product is for regular use. The consumer generally takes 2-3 cups of beverages and maybe 1-2 sweet items in their diet. The product is used in a good quantity by a person. Hence, it has to be cost-effective. The cost of the product matters when it is used regularly, so Stevia products have to be pocket-friendly.

Packaging: Stevia products are available in tablets as well as powder forms. They are packed in different styles like in sachet, or bottles. The packaging also identifies the travel-friendly nature of the product.

Smell: These products can be consumed by the entire family. Diabetic patients, kids, everyone can use it. So, the smell should be pleasant, or preferably no smell should be there. The product once mixed with food or beverage should not spoil the taste or smell of the product. We have picked and selected the products which are 100%, natural sweeteners.

Digestion: Stevia products are majorly used for diet-conscious and health-conscious people. These products are fiber and mineral-rich which improve our digestive system and bowel movements too. After consuming the product for at least 2-3 days, we analyzed how helpful the product is to improve or to maintain the regular digestive system.

Quality: We should be assured about the quality of the product we are consuming in our diet. It is really important especially for products like Stevia as they are health supplements and consumed on regular basis. The ingredients of the product plus the preservatives and other items mixed with the same govern this parameter.

Certification: We checked the certifications of the products too. Products like Stevia should be FASSI certified and also marked organic if they fulfill all the required guidelines of the same. It has to be 100% vegetarian, natural, and with no harmful chemicals or preservatives.

Our Picks

After analyzing more than 70 Stevia products on our set parameters, we have come up with the following list of the best stevia brands in India.

Final Verdict

In the process of selecting the best Stevia brands in India, our top pick came out to be Sugar-Free Green Stevia Powder. It is a 100 % natural and authentic Stevia product that is made up of meethi tulsi.

Our runner-up is Zevic 100% Sugar-free Natural Stevia. This does not contain any artificial sugar and comes in sachet form which makes it travel-friendly too.

So Sweet Stevia Tablet is our budget pick which comes in tablets form and has good metabolism results. It contains Reb A which is the purest form of Stevia.

Stevia products are perfect substitutes for sugar and have good health benefits too. All you need to do is just check all the details and product descriptions to choose the most suitable Stevia product for yourself.