Are you interested in a stylish, comfortable, affordable, and maintenance-free plastic chair that can be used indoors or outdoors, at home or in an office, for casual use or a formal purpose? If you are, then we have the best options available for you! Plastic chairs are multipurpose chairs with innumerable advantages like they are durable, unbreakable, inexpensive, lightweight, washable, practical, stackable chairs, termite-proof, waterproof, sturdy, convenient to carry, long-lasting, easy to store and what not! In addition, their modern design makes them a perfect option for being used as garden chairs too. Here we are with the best plastic chair in India 2022 for you. Take a look.

There is a wide range of options accessible in the Indian market and on online platforms which claim sturdy design and wide seat, but figuring out the best one is a task. Different manufacturers offer varied variety and types of chairs. Well, we have accomplished the task and have prepared the list of the 10 best plastic chair in India 2022 by conducting a survey comprising of 5500 respondents. Let's check the best ones and affordable chairs selected out of the 75 branded chairs surveyed.

Our top spot has been taken by AVRO Plastic Chairs. This is a set of 2 chairs with a matt and gloss pattern and with a sturdy and durable plastic material. It has a 200 Kg weight bearing capacity and comes in a variety of beautiful colours. It is lightweight chair that is sturdy and strong. With a pleasing texture, 1-year guarantee, and solid legs, it is a popular and stylish choice.

Our Pick

AVRO Plastic Chairs

Best Plastic Chair in India

The chair is weather-proof, pre-assembled, and practical. The comfort of the chair is an absolute joy.

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The large gaps on the sides of the chair gather unnecessary dust and scrap. Despite that, this chair is stackable, durable, and value for money. One can conveniently lean back and sit with ease.

The chair that has grabbed the next best title is Ikea Steel, Plastic Modern Chair. This chair has a metal frame with hollow legs making it lightweight and stackable. The plastic material backrest and sitting base is comfortable. It takes a small storage space but looks elegant and sleek.


Ikea Steel, Plastic Modern Chair

Best Sleek Plastic Chair in India

The chair is compact, safe, and durable. The quality is appreciable with good comfort.

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The chair, however, is on an expensive side. Apart from that, it is convenient to use, carry, and store. The looks are classy and neat, making it a worthy purchase.

The chair that is our budget pick is Nilkamal CHR2060 Polypropylene Chair. Nilkamal is one of the best plastic chair brands in India. This one is a complete value for money deal and comes in beige colour. This one is a contemporary chair that comes in a pre-assembled state and is available at an affordable price. With a casual appeal, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Budget Pick

Nilkamal CHR2060 Polypropylene Chair

Best Budget Plastic Chair in India

This Nilkamal plastic premium chair is sturdy, strong, and comfortable with a decent price range.

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The back legs are a little vulnerable if the chair is leaned backwards. Otherwise, the brand Nilkamal offers chairs of high quality which are cost-effective. 

Best Plastic Chair in India 2022

With our dedication and perseverance put forth in selecting the finest plastic chair for you, please check out our list of the 10 best plastic chair brands in India.

  1. AVRO Plastic Chairs
  2. Ikea Steel, Plastic Modern Chair
  3. Nilkamal CHR2060 Polypropylene Chair
  4. Supreme Futura Plastic Chair
  5. Maharaia Moulded Plastic Arm Chair Set
  6. Plastic Moulded Fortuner Heavy Structure Antique Chair
  7. Nilkamal Crystal PP Polypropylene Chair
  8. AVRO FURNITURE, 2581 Plastic Chairs
  9. Furniture Dealz Plastic Arm Rest Chair
  10. Nilkamal Mystique Black Premium Chair

All the plastic chairs have been thoroughly checked for appropriate comfort and design. Let's go through the details one by one.

1. AVRO Plastic Chairs

This set of chairs is ideally the number one choice because of the superior construction and material quality. These can be practically used indoors or for outdoor usage with equal ease. These can sustain rigorous usage and are multipurpose. Truly, the best plastic chair in India.

The side gaps attract dust particles and waste scrap. Otherwise, these are low maintenance, waterproof, termite-proof with high longevity.

2. Ikea Steel, Plastic Modern Chair

This chair comes in 3 solid colours including red, black, and grey. Ikea is one of the top plastic chair brands in India, because of high-quality features and durability. The design is ergonomic with a modern, trendy, and minimalistic appeal.

The cost of the chair is high. Leaving that aside, the support is good, it is convenient to assemble, and can bear a good amount of weight. 

3. Nilkamal CHR2060 Polypropylene Chair

This Nilkamal chair is made of PVC material making it lightweight and highly durable. It can easily be purchased at an affordable price from the market or online. The back support is sturdy and comfortable. This one is a steal at the price it is offered.

The back legs are a little weak. Despite that, the slightly curved backrest is comfy and the contemporary design makes it highly popular.

4. Supreme Futura Plastic Chair

This plastic chair is from the brand of Supreme and comes with high durability and sturdiness. The legs are strong and the chair is lightweight and comfortable. The backrest is solid and supports the spine.

The online delivery needs improvement as in some cases, dents were noticed on the chair. Otherwise, the material is good and it makes less noise when shifted from one place to another.

5. Maharaia Moulded Plastic Arm Chair Set

This is a beautiful plastic chair that comes in a set of 1, with a comfortable hand-rest. It comes in a matt and glossy texture in a pre-assembled state. It is weather-proof, practical, and stackable. It looks modern, sleek, and classy.

In certain cases, the edges on the armrest were rough. Other than that, the quality is appreciable and the plastic chair looks appealing and stylish.

6. Plastic Moulded Fortuner Heavy Structure Antique Chair

This is a simple yet elegant plastic chair that is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. It has high longevity and can support a weight of up to 200 Kgs. It is versatile and multipurpose as it can be utilized in the office, restaurants, and home to give maximum comfort.

There seems to be a colour mismatch from the picture shown online in a few cases. Leaving that aside, it is safe, strong, and lightweight.

7. Nilkamal Crystal PP Polypropylene Chair

This Nilkamal crystal chair is white coloured and perfect for a casual office setup or for lounging at home. The design is modern and sophisticated. It comes with a 6-months warranty on manufacturing defect. 

The price is on a higher side. Besides that, this high-quality plastic chair is beautifully crafted and is a piece of art. It is a sturdy chair that gives high comfort level too.

8. AVRO FURNITURE, 2581 Plastic Chairs

This is a set of 2 chairs with a modern, ergonomic, and elegant design and comes with a 1-year guarantee. These high-quality plastic chairs are trendy with a combination of brown and orange colours which looks beautiful and elegant.

In a few cases, damaged products are being delivered. Despite that, this is a perfect workmanship of compact design and comfort.

9. Furniture Dealz Plastic Arm Rest Chair

This plastic furniture comes with a high and comfortable backrest. The colour of the chair is rosewood and the stylish design is classic. The chair is comfortable, sturdy, and durable. It is ideal for using it as a relaxing and comfortable chair.

The products are being damaged in delivery, so that needs attention. Otherwise, the plastic chair is big, cosy, with suitable armrest. 

10. Nilkamal Mystique Black Premium Chair

This is a set of 2 premium plastic chairs that come in iron-black colour and delivers in a pre-assembled state. This contemporary style plastic chair is elegant and can add a charm to the balcony or living room. It is lightweight and sturdy.

In certain cases, damaged products are being received. Despite that, the plastic chairs have high longevity, comfort, and durability.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

We are more than willing to share all the details with you all regarding how we have chosen our best products, how the survey was carried, and the selection parameters used by us to reach at the final list of these top-rated products.

Why You Should Trust Us

The process of shortlisting the 10 best plastic chairs in India 2022 is presented to you. We conducted a survey of 5500 respondents over 45 days. We introduced them with 75 different brands of chairs readily available in the market with the best reviews and ratings. Our two team members, Priya and Aastha, conducted the survey. Then we selected the 30 best chairs on the basis of the evaluation of the survey, which took us a total of 5 more days. 

Then with the expertise of our local experts on plastic chairs, Tanvi Bakshi and Siya  Anand, a list of the 10 top plastic chair brands in India was created in 4 days. Overall, the scrutiny and research took us a total of 54 days for arriving at the final conclusion.

Therefore, the list that we present to you is the hard work of our team members, experts, and of course the 5500 respondents. We made sure that our top pick, runner-up, and budget pick are the best in the market.

We shall be extremely glad if you can put your trust in our efforts and understand the whole process with clarity. Now you can pick the perfect chair from our list which best suits your needs.

Who This Is For

These chairs are practically for everyone out there reading this article and specifically beneficial for:

  • Event managers looking for top quality chairs in bulk 
  • Those looking for unbreakable and inexpensive lounging options 
  • Anyone yearning to purchase a chair for maintaining a proper posture along with comfort
  • Households requiring chairs for living room, bedroom, guest room, or bedroom 
  • Those who wish to update themselves on the highest quality of plastic chairs available online

In case you fall in any one or more of the above categories, then our list is perfect for you. With ideal comfort and latest style, these chairs are the best ones out there.

How We Picked

The 5500 respondents were given a set of parameters that they had to refer to rate the products on a scale of 1 to 10. Here are those parameters used for selection of the 10 best plastic chair brands in India:

Materials used: The materials used for manufacturing should be high-quality. The rating is based on the standard and grade of raw-materials and plastic used.

Comfort: The experience of using the plastic chair should be pleasant and congenial. The rating is based on the comfort and satisfying experience felt.

Longevity: The plastic chair should last for a long-duration. The rating is based on the durability, strength, and sturdiness of the chair.

Style: The chair may be contemporary or modern, yet the style should be latest and updated. The rating is based on the elegance and pattern of the plastic chair.

Appearance: The first impressions are important. So, the rating is based on the overall look and feel of the chair which should be modern and stylish.

Design: The design should be trendy and fashionable. The rating is based on the ergonomic, comfortable, and durable design and pattern.

Quality: The plastic chair should be superior and finest in quality. The rating is based on the weight-bearing capacity to last for years while maintaining the standard and comfort.

Craftsmanship: The work and detailing on the chair should be classy and exceptional. The rating is based on the excellence of work done and overall quality of the plastic chair.

Our Picks

Here's the list of the 10 best plastic chair brands in India. Grab the one you feel best suits your requirements:

Photo Title Price Buy
AVRO FURNITURE Set...image AVRO FURNITURE Set Of 2 Plastic Chairs | Matt And Gloss Pattern | Plastic Chairs For Home, Living Room| Bearing Capacity Up To 200Kg | Strong And Sturdy Structure | 1 Year Guarantee, Brown ₹2,029.00
Ikea Steel, Plastic...image Ikea Steel, Plastic Modern Chair (Grey)
Nilkamal Mid Back...image Nilkamal Mid Back Chair with Arm CHR2060 | Chair for Living Room, Bed Room, Kitchen, Office Room, Outdoor|100% PolyPropylene Stackable Chair |(Marble Beige) ₹1,010.00
Supreme Futura Plastic...image Supreme Futura Plastic Chair (Wenge, Dcd), Standard (FuturaWengeDCD_1)
MAHARAIA Moulded Plastic...image MAHARAIA Moulded Plastic Arm Chair Set (Brown_Set of 1)
ANMOL Plastic Moulded...image ANMOL Plastic Moulded Fortuner High Back Chair - Sturdy, Heavy-Duty Design for Home, Garden, Office, Outdoor (Brown, Set of 1) ₹1,190.00
Nilkamal CRYSTALPP Plastic...image Nilkamal CRYSTALPP Plastic Mid Back Chair | Chairs for Home| Dining Room| Bedroom| Kitchen| Living Room| Office - Outdoor - Garden | Dust Free |100% Polypropylene Stackable Chairs ₹2,555.00
AVRO Furniture 2581...image AVRO Furniture 2581 Plastic Chairs | Set of 2 Pcs | Plastic Chair With Orange Color Insert | for Home,Kitchen, Living Room, Office | Bearing Capacity up to 200 Kgs | Brown Chair with Orange Insert ₹1,799.00
Furniture Dealz Plastic...image Furniture Dealz Plastic Arm Rest Chair (Rose Wood Color) ₹1,750.00
Nemi Agency Strong...image Nemi Agency Strong and Durable Plastic Chairs Set of 2 Mystique IBK

Final Verdict

If you have utmost comfort and quality in your mind, then our top pick, AVRO Plastic Chairs, is an excellent option.

In case you want another high-quality product, then our runner-up, Ikea Steel, Plastic Modern Chair, can be your ideal choice.

If you want to invest in a budget chair, then our budget pick, Nilkamal CHR2060 Polypropylene Chair, is the best one for you.

Give yourself the comfort and style of these trend-setting and top 10 plastic chair brands in India. You can be totally assured that these are the finest and top-rated plastic chairs out there in the Indian market. Select the one that best meets your requirements.