We all know what importance an oxygen concentrator has in our lives! It helps supply additional oxygen to patients with low oxygen levels and is a boon for those who are experiencing breathing difficulties. A high-quality oxygen concentrator collects oxygen by filtering out nitrogen and other gases from the surroundings. With a multitude of alternatives available in the market having a variety of features, the selection becomes rather confusing for the buyers. But, here we have tailored a list of the 10 best oxygen concentrators in India after dedicated research which took over 1400 hours by a team comprising of experts and a specialist. So, be assured that the oxygen concentrators mentioned here are from the most trusted and respectable brands. 

Note: It is important to use an oxygen concentrator only under the prescription of a doctor He/she will guide you as to how much oxygen is to be taken and for how long.

The one with the best performance has to be Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator. It comes with an oxygen supply up to 93% + or - 3% between 1-5 Liters Per Minute and a low noise motor which keeps the patient comfortable even when using for a long duration. The sieve bed life is approximately 10000 working hours under normal environmental conditions. The gross weight is around 20.5 kgs and this concentrator is highly efficient. 

Our Pick

Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator

Best Oxygen Concentrator for Home Use in India

Sophisticated equipment to maintain the continuous flow of oxygen at critical times. Effective and can be used for continuous 24 hours at a stretch.

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The customer support is poor in certain cases. Apart from that, this portable concentrator is a lifesaver and duly certified with CE and ISO certifications. 

Our runner-up this time is OXYMED mini oxygen concentrator machine. It comes with PSA technology and a real-time low purity display. It is also equipped with a nebulizer kit along with a timer and has 95 purity at 5 Ltrs and a flow rate of 1-5 Liters Per Minute. It is simple for the patients to operate and use.


Oxymed Mini Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Best Purity Oxygen Concentrator

With a 3-year warranty and alarm sensors for high or low voltage, it is a useful machine and meets expectations.

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There have been a few cases of over-heating, but other than that this concentrator is portable, less noisy, and convenient to use. 

For our budget pick, we have chosen Yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine. It has a 93% concentration at 5L. With a flow range of 0.5-5 L/min, it is a high-quality, compact, and lightweight medical-grade concentrator. It is undoubtedly the best oxygen concentrators in India at this unbelievable price. 

Budget Pick

Yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Best Budget Oxygen Concentrator in India

With a 2-year warranty and noise level less than 52Db, it is a steal at this price point.

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The experts have mentioned the inability to check the purity level of oxygen. Otherwise, the concentrator is highly recommended as it works well and is a value for money product. 

Top 10 Oxygen Concentrators in India

The market is swarming with a huge number of options for oxygen cylinders and concentrators post the Covid-19 scenario, but it is extremely important to choose only a high-quality machine for yourself and your loved ones. For resolving your selection needs, we have created a list of the best oxygen concentrators in India. Let's have a look:

  1. Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator
  2. OXYMED mini oxygen concentrator machine
  3. Yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine
  4. Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator
  5. Gvs Oxygen 5L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator
  6. Oxygenic (5L/Min) Medical Grade Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine
  7. YU 300 Oxygen Concentrator
  8. Finn Cosmeceuticals Yuwell YU300 Portable Homecare Oxygen Concentrator
  9. Caaju Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  10. Oliria Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Our team members and experts have given a thumbs up for all these top 10 oxygen concentrators in India because these are the most sophisticated, technically advanced, and efficient concentrators out there. Now, its time to check each one in detail:

1. Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator

This transportable oxygen concentrator supports a constant flow of physically enriched oxygen and tests have confirmed a minimum of 90% oxygen purity at full 5 liters per minute (LPM). A 24-month off-site warranty is provided for this lightweight machine. 

The drawback of non-responsive customer care support needs attention. Apart from that, this is a value for money, easy to use, and high-performance machine. 

2. Oxymed Mini Oxygen Concentrator Machine

This is a popular oxygen concentrator with a 3.5" LCD screen display that shows alarms for low pressure, low oxygen purity, and power fluctuations. Its HEPA and bacteria filter is from Italy and it has an inbuilt self-diagnosis system, making it a streamlined machine. 

Apart from the issue of over-heating of the machine, this concentrator works like a charm, is portable, easy to handle, store, and safe to use. 

3. Yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

This oxygen concentrator is a precision compressor made with German technology providing 30000 plus service hours. It has an easy-to-clean air-inlet filter and auto cut-off in case of over-heating. With a net weight of 15.5 Kgs, it is lightweight and portable. 

The inability to check the oxygen levels is an issue. Besides that, it is a must-buy when in need of quality oxygen at home at a budgeted price. 

4. Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator

This is a small and sleek oxygen concentrator that is not bulky and weighs around 15 Kgs. It is easy to operate by the patients and works efficiently with low maintenance. This medical device comes with an ergonomic design and advanced features. 

In a few cases, certain parts of the concentrator were missing in online deliveries. Besides this, this concentrator is quieter, easy to store when not in use, and highly portable.

5. Gvs Oxygen 5L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator

This concentrator has a flow rate of 0.5-5 L/min and the sound is less than 43 DBA. Its power consumption is around 300W. The USP of this concentrator is free pickup and delivery in case of a breakdown during the warranty term. With a low maintenance requirement, it performs well. 

The experts did not face any issue with this efficient concentrator. It is convenient to operate with a supportive customer care service and the oxygen purity display system is excellent. 

6. Oxygenic (5L/Min) Medical Grade Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

This medical-grade concentrator comes with 90% + purity levels and boasts a large LED display. It is ideal for home use as it is capable of real-time monitoring and sends off an alarm in case of low oxygen. It has a universal wheel and handles which makes it convenient to carry. 

This concentrator is a little on the pricey side. Otherwise, it is working perfectly with low noise levels, an inbuilt nebulizer, and a humidifier.  

7. YU 300 Oxygen Concentrator

This oxygen concentrator comes with a high reverse display LCD screen which is placed on the top so that the patients can easily see the alarms and readings. The most unique feature of this concentrator is that it creates the least amount of noise which is less than 40 Db. It has exquisite workmanship and a beautiful appearance. The flow ranges from 1-5 Liters Per Minute and the weight is around 7.5 Kgs. 

The experts stated that in certain cases, the machine was not properly working. Otherwise, this machine is safe and convenient to use with a sustained oxygen supply. 

8. Finn Cosmeceuticals Yuwell YU300 Portable Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

This oxygen concentrator comes with a flow of 1-5 L/min adjustable and can meet the medical requirements. It has a high reverse display LCD screen, is portable, compact, and comfortable. The life of the compression pump is around 8000 hours. The concentrator is easy to maintain and the screen can be changed conveniently. 

There are no issues as such and the oxygen concentrator displays high concentration, makes less noise, and showcases respectable stability. 

9. Caaju Portable Oxygen Concentrator

This oxygen concentrator machine is equipped with a large LCD screen with touch screen buttons. The oxygen flow range is 1-6 L/min and the oxygen purity rate is 93%. It comes with an infrared remote system and is highly portable with a weight of around 5.6 Kgs. 

Its availability is restricted in certain areas. Besides that, it has a new noise reduction design with noise levels below 48 Db, so that the patient can rest comfortably and sleep with ease. 

10. Oliria Oxygen Concentrator Machine

This machine is one of the ideal oxygen concentrator's best brands in India because of its high portability. The additional portable UV sterilizer kills 99.99% of bacteria with UV LED light and can be used for mobile, keychains, wallet, and currency sterilization. The pulse oximeter is included and the high molecular sieve has a life of 30000 hours. 

It is a bit on the expensive side. Otherwise, this oxygen concentrator is an instant first aid for immediate oxygen supply. It is portable, works effectively, and is convenient to use. 

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

We want to communicate our research techniques and testing methodology with you. We chose the 10 best oxygen concentrators in India based on certain parameters by our experts and team members. 

Why You Should Trust Us

It's time for us to disseminate all the important details regarding the selection of the top 10 oxygen concentrators in India. First of all, we chose 35 oxygen cylinders/concentrators that were the most popular with the highest sales. Then our team members, Ajay, and Paras shortlisted the list to 15 based on specified parameters. Both the team members are qualified engineers. After that, we took a consultation from our local oxygen concentrator specialist. The final list of the 10 best oxygen concentrators for home use in India is a result of 1400 hours of testing, technical deliberation, and discussion on every aspect.

Therefore, you can be completely assured that our top pick, runner-up, and budget pick are the finest and most technically competent oxygen concentrators in the market. 

Who This Is For

This article is for all those who:

  • Want to invest in a high-quality oxygen concentrator.
  • Desire to upgrade their current oxygen concentrator for a better one.
  • Yearning to keep themselves updated on the best oxygen concentrators in India.
  • Are looking for the most advanced and feature enriched oxygen concentrators.
  • Want an oxygen concentrator with high longevity and low noise levels.
  • Desire to buy a concentrator with high oxygen purity levels.

If you can tick any one or more of the above points then this article is for you and you must check our 10 oxygen concentrator best brand in India. 

How We Picked

A scale of 1 to 10 was used by our team members while scrutinizing all the oxygen concentrators on the following set of parameters. Let's check them one by one:

Efficiency: The efficacy and effectiveness of the machine are the most important elements while selecting. The rating was based on the capability to work seamlessly and as per specifications described by the brand. 

Oxygen purity: The higher the levels of oxygen purity, the better the standard of the machine in providing quality oxygen to the patients. The rating was based on the proficiency to supply high oxygen purity levels. 

Display: The display screen should be functional with clarity and conciseness. The rating was based on the display screen to show urgent alarms like low oxygen purity, low pressure, and displaying all significant details with clarity.  

Working capacity: The oxygen concentrator should work at a higher capacity. The rating was based on the number of hours the concentrator can work continuously in one go. 

Maintenance: If a machine would require frequent maintenance, then it can be a major downside. So, the rating was based on low maintenance requirements with flawless technical functioning. 

Cost: The price of the machine should be based on the number and quality of features. The rating was based on a cost-benefit analysis and the value of money derived from the machine over some time. 

Convenient to use: The patients should be able to use the machine easily and without any technical complications. The rating was based on ease of operation and handling. 

Portability: The machine should not be too bulky and be convenient to carry around from one room to the other or even outside in certain cases. The rating was based on the ease of portability. 

Our Picks

Do check our 10 best oxygen concentrators in India with the most premium and advantageous features. 

Photo Title Price Buy
Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator...image Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator (0.5-5 Liter Per Minute) with 2 Years Warranty, Oxygen Concentration Purity 93% 3% at Full 5 LPM, White
yuwell 8F-5A Portable...image yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine (93% Concentration At 5L), White ₹18,199.00
Gvs Oxygen 5L...image Gvs Oxygen 5L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator ₹35,000.00
Oxygenic (5L/Min) Medical...image Oxygenic (5L/Min) Medical Grade Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine over 90%+ Purity & Large LED Display - Homecare Equipment Oxygen Generator With Low Oxygen Alarm & Real Time Monitoring For Home Use
Finn Cosmeceuticals Yuwell...image Finn Cosmeceuticals Yuwell YU300 Portable Homecare Oxygen Concentrator -1LPM
Oxygen Concentrator 1-3...image Oxygen Concentrator 1-3 Liter Oxygen Generator Machine | Instant First Aid for oxygen supply | With Oliria Portable UV Sterilizer | Kills 99.9% Bacteria with UV LED Light| For your Mobile Phone, Key Chain, Wallet & Currency Sterilization

Final Verdict

If you wish to utilize the advantages of the best oxygen concentrator for home use in India, then our pick, Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator, is the ultimate choice. 

In case, you want to opt for another good one, then our runner-up, OXYMED mini oxygen concentrator machine, is an excellent option. 

If you are looking for the best oxygen concentrator on a budget, then Yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine is a perfect value for money option. 

This list has been curated after stringent testing, attention to detail, and analysis. We hope that you find our earnest efforts, fruitful. Now you have to select the ideal oxygen concentrator which you think would be the best investment for your health.