Honey is an organic substance prepared by honey bees from the nectar of flowers. It is a common and healthy sweetener used in Indian foods and desserts. Plus, it is also widely used as a medicine to avoid cough, cold, inflammation, sores inside the mouth, etc. To get the most of this raw and natural substance, it is essential that it should have pure quality. But its quality, taste, and aroma vary because of different flower species cropped in different regions. If you're on the hunt for unprocessed or unadulterated honey, you are at the right place. The post brings an amazing collection of the best organic honey brands in India that are true to their words and products.

Our top pick, INDIGENOUS Honey Raw Organic Honey is one of the highly nutritious raw honey loaded with numerous medicinal properties. The taste of this honey is a little bit different as compared with other honey brands. It’s because it is made using a set scientific way. The honey is safe and 100% raw.

Our Pick


Best Organic Honey in India

100% raw, pure, and tastes utterly delicious. This one is a true delight. Grab it for all your health needs.

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If honey is your essential part of life, grab our runner pick-up, DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey. This raw honey offers amazing results on hair and skin. It is a 100% vegetarian product that offers good weight management features too. The best thing about this product is that we didn't find any issue or adulteration in this honey.


DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey

Best Organic Honey in India in Raw Flavor

Now this one product proved to be a favorite of our testers. It has got taste and health, all packed in a classic bottle.

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Our budget pick-up is the best item for our health-conscious and tight-budget people, Dabur Organic Honey. It is 100% natural honey without any preservatives to boost immunity naturally. It also offers a good remedy for relief from cough and cold.

Again, we couldn't dare to find any issue in this top-notch brand. The product is 100% safe and passed all the tests on purity successfully.

Budget Pick

Dabur Organic Honey

Best Raw Honey in India to Boost Immunity Naturally

Did we mention Dabur? Yes! One of the best organic honey in India is served by this top-notch brand. Affordable too.

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Apart from these top 3 products, our post also contains the best quality honey gathered from prestigious brands in India. Read the post thoroughly and choose the best one according to your taste, needs, and budget.

Top 10 Best Organic Honey Brands in India

This is a comprehensive list of the best organic honey brands in India. Take a look and choose according to your taste and need.

  1. INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Honey
  2. DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey
  3. Dabur Organic Honey
  4. ORGANIC INDIA Organic Honey Multi Floral
  5. THE HONEY SHOP - Raw Organic Forest Honey
  6. Farm Honey Wild Unprocessed Honey
  7. 24 Mantra Organic Wild Honey
  8. Nature's Nectar Raw Organic Honey
  9. Wnature Organic Wild Raw Honey
  10. Bare Elixir Organic Forest Honey

And here we are with their features, what’s good and what’s not in them. Read on.

1. INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Honey

Our top pick in the list of best organic honey in India is secured by Indigenous honey. This product is 100% raw and free from any impurities or additives. The brand claims that the product is stored in wooden boxes that are constructed scientifically.

Due to its distinct making process, the taste of the honey is different. However, it is an excellent quality of Indigenous honey.

2. DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey

Our next pick-up offers exceptional quality and superior taste. This raw honey comes with high pollen counts. It is natural, unprocessed, and packed under strict hygienic conditions. The product is great for treating cold, cough, or other health ailments.

The honey has absolutely no downsides, it's the best product offered by the best brand.

3. Dabur Organic Honey

This 300 gm pack of 100% pure and natural honey is NPOP organic certified. The main highlights of this most prominent honey are that it is raw, unprocessed, unpasteurized, and has absolutely no sugar, chemicals, or any other adulteration.

The honey passed all our tests including MNR and several home-based tests successfully and holds the grounds on purity and quality.

4. ORGANIC INDIA Organic Honey Multi Floral

This syrup-based raw honey from Organic India offers smooth, fragrant, and delicious honey. It is rich with wild forest tastes and aromas.

Some of our team members reported that it is diluted honey, not pure honey. So, test it at home before you start consuming it. Overall, the product is good and comes at a reasonable price tag.

5. THE HONEY SHOP - Raw Organic Forest Honey

Our next pick is collected from the wild forest by the trained foragers. The product is 100% free from pollution and harmful sprays. We never found any crystals or sugar granules in this honey.

But in some test cases, its quality didn't remain the same. So we couldn't say it is 100% natural. Otherwise, it is additive-free honey, collected without harming bee colonies.

6. Farm Honey Wild Unprocessed Honey

This collection from Farm Honey is raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, and unpasteurized honey. It tastes great when consumed in various recipes such as milkshakes, ice creams, and fruit juices.

Some do claim that it is not 100% pure honey. However, it is FSSAI approved honey and tested in an AGMARK laboratory with 100% positive results.

7. 24 Mantra Organic Wild Honey

Like our other collections, it is also free from chemicals, pesticides, and artificial colors. If you or your family member is intolerant to sugar, grab this sugar-free product.

The only downside of this brand is that its packaging is not reliable and safe. However, quality-wise, it is one of the best organic honey in India.

8. Nature's Nectar Raw Organic Honey

This vegetarian honey is collected from the virgin Tropical forests of Sundarbans. The product is NPOP certified organic by Lacon. But its taste is very different from similar raw honey products. That distinct taste could be because of their processing technique.

This pure raw organic honey offers natural aroma, flavor, and nutritional values.

9. Wnature Organic Wild Raw Honey

Our next product is popular for being a great instant energy booster. Plus, it is also packed with a lot of nutritional value that helps in boosting immunity. This vegetarian honey can be consumed in 216 days.

The consistency of this product is not good. Though, the product comes in a plastic bottle and safe packaging.

10. Bare Elixir Organic Forest Honey

This product from Bare Elixir is suitable for weight loss, cough, and digestive problems. Its unique taste and flavor offer all the beneficial enzymes and pollens intact.

The honey is tasty but not too strong, however, that depends on the flowers from which the bees collect the nectar. To get the real benefits of consuming honey, this is the best deal at a reasonable price tag.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

This sub-section of the post contains brief details about our product selection, testing, and evaluation process. Plus, it also consists of information about why to believe us. Our whole testing process and review post are based on genuine testing. Here's every bit of information behind this final review. Read the post meticulously to understand the nuts and bolts of our product research methodology.

Why You Should Trust Us

For this honest review of the best organic honey in India, we surveyed 500 users and offered them the top 50 products based on the brand's goodwill and customer ratings. We outlined them a set of parameters on which they tested honey products and hence, provided our team with their genuine feedback.

Our team members included health freaks, fitness experts, dieticians, homemakers, and laboratory experts. It was an intensive testing process that took 1000 hours in our food testing labs. We applied numerous testing processes on these products including NMR tests, home-based tests, and several lab-based tests.

Shashank and Rohit did an amazing job. Here, in this article, we have presented you with the top and best organic honey in India. Do give them a try.

Who This Is For

The review article is for all and for those who:

  • Are looking for the best organic and natural honey in India
  • Want a general well-being
  • Want a natural remedy to prevent cough, cold, inflammation, etc.
  • Want to strengthen their immunity
  • Want to learn the best organic honey brands in India
  • Need to buy unpasteurized honey an affordable price tag
  • Want the best alternative for sugar or jaggery

How We Picked

To summarize our testing in the form of the list of the best organic honey brands in India, we tested products on several parameters. A few of them are described below:

  • Price: This is one of the main parameters used on which we shortlisted these top and best organic honey brands in India.
  • Packaging: We scaled products on their impressive and safe packaging too. Generally honey comes in a glass jar or plastic bottle packaging, hence packaging must be sturdy.
  • Brand Value: This is another factor on which we collected the products in our list for testing. Top-rated brands certainly deliver high-quality products. So, brand goodwill matters a lot in consideration of quality products.
  • Shelf Life: Honey can be used for several days and months if it has a great shelf life. We listed products that have a good shelf life.
  • Quality: It is the top parameter for testing raw and organic honey. We tested each product on several testing phases and grabbed only those which cleared all these testing phases.

These are a few of the defined parameters that our testing team prepared to select the best organic honey in India.

Our Picks

Here are our top and best picks for the raw, organic, and delicious honey in India 2022.

Photo Title Price Buy
INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw...image INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Honey NMR Tested NPOP Organic Certified Pure Natural Unprocessed Original Honey - 530 g Glass Jar (Pack of 1) ₹548.00 (₹103.40 / 100 g)
DADEV Unprocessed Raw...image DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey-750gm 100% Pure Raw Honey Unprocessed and Organic Honey ₹473.00 (₹63.07 / 100 g)
Dabur Organic Honey...image Dabur Organic Honey – 300g | 100% Pure and Natural | NPOP Organic Certified | Raw , Unprocessed , Unpasteurized Honey | No Sugar Adulteration ₹209.00 (₹69.67 / 100 ml)
THE HONEY SHOP...image THE HONEY SHOP - Raw Organic Wild Forest Honey - 100% Pure and Natural - Unprocessed, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized-320g ₹344.00 (₹107.50 / 100 g)
Farm Honey Wild...image Farm Honey Wild Unprocessed Honey|Pure Organic Raw Honey|100% Natural|no preservatives| No Artificial Color|no added sugar|250 Gm ₹266.00 (₹106.40 / 100 g)
Nature's Nectar Raw...image Nature's Nectar Raw Organic Honey 400g | Raw and Unprocessed | 100% Pure NMR Tested Honey ₹349.00 (₹87.25 / 100 g)

Final Verdict

INDIGENOUS Raw Organic Honey is our top pick-up that suits all those who aspire to have top-quality raw honey.

DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey is our runner pick-up that is 100% beneficial for all people.

Dabur Organic Honey is our budget pick-up for those who wish high quality and organic honey.

We are sure this list of best organic honey in India will serve you the utmost health benefits. What’s your favorite pick, do share in the comments section.