Cow ghee is the real elixir, it not only makes our food delicious but is also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that help keep our metabolism in-sync with nature.

Now, this information is known by all, the real issue is that getting the real desi cow ghee that is organic is very difficult. Ghee is one of the most adulterated food product in our country, thats why buying yours from a reliable source is essential. In fact, our team had to put in some extra effort to get the information for writing the review article that you are reading. However, in the end, we cracked it and here are the best reviews that will help you buy organic ghee online.

Buyers Guide: Organic Desi Cow Ghee in India

There are things that one should know before buying desi cow ghee, this knowledge will help you buy the genuine organic desi cow ghee and spot the fake ones. First of all organic desi cow ghee especially the A2 one will always be yellow in colour. While ghee is generally sourced from buffalo milk or even sometimes adulterants are used to turn the colour to genuine ones.

Secondly, organic ghee is never a solid at room temperature, ghee is very temperature sensitive. Even the slight cold will turn in solid. If your ghee is solid at room temperature then this should be taken as a warning sign. On the flip side, if your ghee is liquid in cold temperature then it surely is a fake one.

In general, follow the following steps to identify the authentic organic cow desi ghee

  • Read The Label: Do check the label on the packing, if it says anything about additional milk solids being added or artificial word is mentioned anywhere then it’s not organic.
  • Shelf Life: Do check the expiry date of the ghee. Generally, ghee has a good shelf life but still, there is no point buying the one with an expiry date.
  • Compare the price: This is a big point that one must remember, organic desi cow ghee is available in many price points, do buy one that suits your budget.

Organic Desi Cow Ghee: Benefits & Nutrition

Now the word organic is a recent discovery, earlier in India, every ghee used to be organic, alas thats not the case now. Ghee is essential for sustenance of many bodily functions. Well thats only true if you are eating organic cow ghee, anything else could be a health hazard.

Here is a table showing the nutrition profile of desi cow ghee organic:

Nutritional Information (100g)

NutrientValue Per 100g
Saturated FAT7.926g
Monounsaturated FAT3.678g
Polyunsaturated FAT0.473g
Vitamin A50%


Here are the benefits of organic desi cow ghee that you can buy online:

  • Helps in keeping cholesterol under control
  • Very good for heart and eyes
  • Helps boost semen count in males
  • Has good amounts of Vitamin A,D,E,K and Omega 3 & 9
  • Boosts immunity
  • Very good for digestion

Best Organic Ghee in India

Finding the best organic ghee in India is not easy, we are sure that hunting for it in the local shops would be futile. The brands and the products that we have mentioned below might be seen on the shelves of your local mart, but getting the price at which its available in the online markets would be difficult. Plus in the online space, there would be more options to choose from.

We sifted through thousands of real reviews to create this post. All this so that our readers can nourish themselves and their families with the real organic desi cow ghee. Please read and explore the range, we are sure you will get the best cow ghee and at the best price.

1. Vanalaya Organic A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee

Vanalaya is a brand that makes their ghee the traditional way. The cows are grass-fed and treated as per the ayurvedic dictate. Happy cows give the best milk and thus the best ghee. This ghee is made from Gir breed of cows that are the original Indian species. The ghee thus obtained contains the A2 strain that is most beneficial for the human bodies.

Vanalaya Organic

Vanalaya Organic A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee

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The ghee is made by using bilona technique, it’s a churn method that is unique to India.

Key Features

  • Gir Cows Milk Is Used
  • Traditional method of making milk
  • Very good quality

2. Anveshan A2 Cow Ghee

This ghee is also manufactured using the traditional churning method as described in the ancient ayurvedic texts. The A2 milk is obtained using harlikar cows that are also original cow breed of India. Hence the milk and the ghee are of the best quality.

A2 Vedic Ghee

Anveshan A2 Cow Ghee

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It’s a very high-quality organic ghee in India that you can buy for your family.

Key Features

  • Made from harliker cow milk
  • Grass-fed cows
  • Very nice taste and aroma

3. GirOrganic A2 Pure Ghee

This organic desi cow ghee is obtained by grass-fed Gir cow milk. The cows are kept and cared for using the traditional approach. It is also A2 ghee that would certainly nourish your entire family.

A2 Pure Ghee

GirOrganic A2 Pure Ghee

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A very high-quality organic desi cow ghee that can be consumed daily.

Key Features

  • Gir Cow Ghee
  • Authentic way of preparation
  • Very nutritious

4. Divya Kamdhenu A2 Pure Ghee

It’s made using traditional bilona churning method. It’s a very high-quality organic desi cow ghee. The kind that would make your entire family very healthy. People love it for its aroma and taste.

Divya Kamdhenu

Divya Kamdhenu A2 Pure Ghee

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A very high quality product that should be used in every family that cares for their health.

Key Features

  • A2 Ghee
  • Made using traditional practice
  • Complete value for money

5. Two Brothers Organic Ghee

It’s cultured ghee and one of the best organic desi cow ghee that you can buy online in India. Loaded with vitamins and good fats, the ghee is very beneficial for eyes and heart health.


Two Brothers Organic Ghee

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It’s smooth and creamy and you would love its aroma and taste.

Key Features

  • Gluten-free ghee
  • A2 ghee
  • Complete value for money.

End Note

We hope that our article would have helped you in buying the best A2 organic desi cow ghee online for your family. We are sure you would have made the right decision. Do let us know your feedback on the post. It helps us in improving our content.