Historically, olives have been adopted in several religious customs and medicine, and now it’s become an integral part of food and medicine in our culture. Aromatic and flavorful, olive oil is a characteristic ingredient of our cuisine. This tiny fruit is a pure fat that offers exceptional advantages over health. There are mainly three types of olive oil: extra-virgin olive oil, olive oil, and light-tasting olive oil. Regular olive oil is used in a variety of cooking styles that helps your body consume fat-soluble vitamins, like Vitamin E, A, D, and K. Regular olive oil is often enjoyed in salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. To learn about the best olive oil for cooking in India, this article is an ideal place. This article tells you everything you need to know about the best olive oil brand for cooking in India.

Our top pick is from Leonardo that provides the best fat olive oil. You can use Leonardo Pomace olive oil in a variety of cooking. The best thing, this olive oil offer is a higher smoke point and hence, it is perfect for Indian dishes.

The only drawback with this oil is its improper packaging.

Our Pick

Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil

Best Olive Oil for Indian Cooking

With rich taste and aroma, this is surely going to be your favorite too. High quality olives go into the making for best results.

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Our runner-up pick is Oleev Active that is infused with the goodness of pure olives. You'll find no harmful chemicals in this oil. The oils come in different packaging options.

It is blended with rice bran oil which is the main drawback of this olive oil. Apart from this, the oil is ideal as a dressing for your dishes.


Oleev Active, with Goodness of Olive Oil

Premium Olive Oil Brand in India

Prepared using best quality olives, it is there to give you top health benefits. Use it for all your cooking needs.

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Figaro Olive Oil is our budget pick specially targeted to financially savvy consumers who want pure olive oil with no bitterness. It is all-purpose oil that is ideal for frying, roasting, sautéing, and baking.

Budget Pick

Figaro Olive Oil

Best Budget Olive Oil Brand for Cooking in India

With pleasant flavour and aroma, it is the best one out there at highly affordable price. Offers brand value and trust too.

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The only thing that our buyers must have to do while going with the brand is that they can differentiate the real and fake products. The risk of receiving a duplicate product is high as a brand has a very good reputation.

The Best Olive Oil for Indian Cooking

Recommended by our team, here are the best olive oil brand for cooking in India. Check them out.

  1. Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil
  2. Oleev Active, with Goodness of Olive Oil
  3. Figaro Olive Oil
  4. DiSano Extra Light Olive Oil
  5. Borges Olive Oil
  6. Del Monte Pomace Olive Oil
  7. Bertolli Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil
  8. Jivo Extra Light Daily Cooking Olive Oil
  9. Borges Classic Olive Oil
  10. Sol 100% Spanish Olive Oil

It’s time to bring to you the finest details of our listed products. Here we go.

1. Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil

This light refined olive oil from Leonardo is infused with extra virgin olive oil. This so-called best olive oil brand for cooking in India can be perfect to cook food on medium heat and not high. Made in Italy, this oil is perfect for all types of Indian cooking like deep frying and roasting. This olive oil brand is well known in India for its distinctive taste and quality. It has a very mild flavor of olives and does not change the taste of any meal. People who have a higher risk of heart disease can go with this brand as it is exceptionally good in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and improving heart health.

 The product is very good, but the packaging needs some improvements.

2. Oleev Active, with Goodness of Olive Oil

This 100% vegetarian oil from Oleev is available in olive and rice bran flavors. This brand stands for something unique and provides tremendous health benefits to the buyer. This regular olive oil is suitable and stable for deep frying. The product is available in three different sizes and packaging to opt for the one according to your need. With no added preservatives, this olive oil is safe to be consumed by all.

However, it is a big disappointment for consumers who are looking for pure olive oil as it is blended with rice bran oil. Apart from that, the product is simply outstanding.

3. Figaro Olive Oil

Figaro olive oil is one of the most popular cooking oil products amongst Indian consumers. The oil offers a pleasant flavor of rich Mediterranean high-quality olives. Loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), and antioxidants, this oil is suitable for sautéing and shallow or deep frying your favorite Indian dishes. Its packaging is quite user-friendly as the product comes in rectangular, decorative cans.

Ensure you can determine the difference between original and duplicate products. Otherwise, Figaro olive oil is excellent all-purpose cooking oil and the perfect alternative for plain butter.

4. DiSano Extra Light Olive Oil

Extracted from Spanish finest quality olives, this extra light olive oil contains a major serving of MUFA and PUFA (Unsaturated Fatty Acids). These unsaturated fatty acids are highly effective in weight loss. Hence if you're a mindful weight watcher or fitness freak, grab this superior quality olive oil.

Plus, long-term and regular consumption of this olive oil can lower down the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular failures than those who don't. It is a bit expensive but ideal and a better substitute for our daily Indian cooking needs.

5. Borges Olive Oil

Borges is one of the most popular brands in oils, vinegar, and cooking oil products. This olive oil is considered to be one of the healthiest variants of olive oil in the world. The best thing about this olive oil is that it doesn't change the original taste and essence of the cuisines. This light flavor and high smoking olive oil can be perfectly mixed into our dal, vegetables, pulao, dosa, or any other Indian dish that you prefer. If you are fond of homemade mayonnaise, grab this oil and prepare your delicious mayonnaise at home.

During the product testing, some of our volunteers found a bit of change in taste in this product. However, apart from this, they didn't encounter any other issue with this cooking oil. Make sure you check the product description before buying it.

6. Del Monte Pomace Olive Oil

Del Monte is a leading brand that produces several superior quality olive oils. This product is made out of Italy and Spain and seems like it is specially meant for Indian cuisine. Being ideal for high smoking, the oil goes perfectly with sauteing and deep-frying purposes.

The oil comes with a light and rich flavor and delicate aroma, however, it can do some essential changes in the preparations. But the brand claims that it doesn't alter the original taste of food.

7. Bertolli Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil

This super healthy oil choice from Bertolli offers a delicate taste to everything from appetizers to yummy desserts. This is 100% vegetarian oil that serves the diverse need of everyday cooking, frying, roasting, sauteing, baking, etc. The brand assures that this oil is free from any preservatives or chemicals. Hence this oil is safe for consumption by all. You can preserve this oil for up to 2 years as the Bertolli extra light-tasting olive oil boasts a 2 years shelf life. Once you buy this product, you will demand more.

This oil is not meant for salad dressing; however, the extra virgin Olive oil from this brand can serve your cooking needs.

8. Jivo Extra Light Daily Cooking Olive Oil

This rich source of MUFA and low saturated fat daily cooking olive oil from Jivo contains 100 percent pure olives. This olive oil features an extremely high smoke point hence if you are looking for oil for deep frying Indian dishes, grab this one. Jivo olive oil is exceptionally good at this price range.

However, on the front of the packaging, the product needs some change. Apart from this con, Jivo all-purpose olive oil is perfect to keep your energy level high all day.

9. Borges Classic Olive Oil

This classic olive oil is made from top-notch ripe olives specially cultivated under the Mediterranean sun. The oil can be used in pizzas, sandwiches, Mediterranean recipes, pasta, and any Indian dish. The daily intake of this oil reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and even cancer.

The oil comes in a tall transparent glass bottle and you need to transfer the oil to a different container as glass is delicate. Overall it is a good product for regular users.

10. Sol 100% Spanish Olive Oil

This olive oil from Sol is the popular and best substitute for butter and ghee. This lightweight oil contains zero cholesterol and trans fat that promotes good health. The product has a decent aroma and neutral taste, therefore, one can use it in raw cooking – salads, and dressings.

The packaging could have been better. However, the product will not disappoint you on the front of taste and essence.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

We always strive hard to provide pure and high-quality products to our end users. To choose these safe and premium quality olive oil products, our team did a product evaluation multiple times on the given parameters which are mentioned below. We prefer transparency to our consumers and that is why we never forget to mention our product testing in each article.

Why You Should Trust Us

We, the Shop Sutra team, tested and evaluated each product thoroughly to deliver the best products for our followers. Our team grabbed the first top 100 olive oils, which are trending in India.

After extensive evaluation and testing, we have come up to exhibit the top 10 products to our consumers. We must say our team did their best and shared their true feedback. Hence, this list is based on real and honest reviews.

For the complete listing, we surveyed 5000 regular users of olive oil. Our team members Mahima and Pritika handled all the survey tasks. After narrowing it down to the top 25 products, involved 2 nutritionists from our local area. This led us to the top 10.

Who This Is For

These olive oil brands are perfect for those who

  • Are looking for a good substitute for ghee or plain butter
  • Want to grab the best olive oil in India
  • Are a professional chef or baker
  • Are health-conscious
  • Want to reduce bad cholesterol
  • Are looking for healthy oil for salad, dressing, and stuffing
  • Want olive oil with a higher smoke point

If you come in any one or more of the above categories, then these olive oil choices are perfect for you. Grab that suits your needs.

How We Picked

We are using several predefined parameters while choosing any product for our end-user. They are

  • Brand: We picked products based on their brand value in the market. Here, in this article, you'll find only leading brands.
  • Flavor and Taste: When it comes to olive oil, buyers would go with a natural and mild flavor. Hence, we ranked the above products based on their taste and essence.
  • Cost: We applied this parameter while considering these olive oil brands. Some are high on the front of price while others are consumer-friendly.
  • Packaging: A popular product must have user-friendly packaging. These olive oils come in a thick and sturdy bottle that minimizes heat exposure. We applied this parameter to each product.

Our Picks

And here are our best 10 picks after thorough surveying and research. Take a look.

Final Verdict

Leonardo Pomace olive oil is our top recommendation to you that is all-purpose olive oil.

If you are looking for a good product for dressing and stuffing, you can try our runner-up, Oleev Active, with Goodness of olive oil.

Figaro Olive Oil is perfect for our budget-friendly buyers that will surely keep you active all day.

The final choice is yours. Choose the best olive oil for cooking in India that suits all your needs.