Due to the pandemic, more people are working from home. Many of them use their personal or business laptops. In any case, they have become aware of the drawbacks of spending the entire day in front of a little screen (most range in size from 13 to 15 inches). In addition to losing screen real estate compared to desktop users, the ergonomics of hunching over and using a laptop all day can cause neck and back issues. We advise choosing an external monitor if you want your work-from-home experience to be more convenient. We have put together a list of the 7 best monitors in India that you can use at home for business and entertainment.

Our top pick is the BenQ Gw2283 22-Inch (55.88 cm) LCD IPS, Bezel-Less Monitor, which has a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. The 78°/178° wide viewing angles offer great clarity from all directions. It also offers various features to safeguard your eyes and lessen eye strain, such as flicker-free technology and decreased blue light.

Our Pick

BenQ Gw2283 Bezel-Less Monitor

Best Monitor in India With Low Blue Light

The 78°/178° wide viewing angles provide excellent clarity and have excellently matched color tones.

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Overall, it is a commendable monitor that satisfies all requirements for working from home, but a 5A connector rather than a 15A connection would have made an added advantage. With a 24-inch dimension and 1,920 x 1,080 resolutions, the Samsung Lc24F390Fhwxxl Backlit Computer Monitor is our runner-up option. Its excellent ergonomics lets you operate in portrait mode by adjusting its tilt, height, swivel, and 90-degree pivot. This monitor has an incredibly thin profile that is less than 0.5 inches thick. Even in the quickest moving scenarios, consumers can enjoy smooth graphics thanks to AMD Freesync technology. With the Eco-Saving Plus feature, screen brightness is automatically adjusted to save power and transition smoothly, further decreasing energy use.


Samsung Lc24F390Fhwxxl Curved Led Monitor

Best Monitor in India in 23.6 Inches

Experience fluid graphics even in the fastest-moving situations with AMD Freesync technology.

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The primary flaw with this display is the backlight during dim movie scenes. Overall, this monitor is one of the most lightweight and thin ones you can get for a reasonable price. LG 22Mp68Vq 22 Inch IPS Monitor is our budget pick and offers improved color vision to help those with color weakness. The PIP mode of this monitor, which enables you to work while watching a video in a window floating on the screen, is its second big advantage. By adjusting the windows on the screen, the screen split divides the display into sections for various purposes. It is without a doubt the greatest cheap gaming monitor.

Budget Pick

LG 22Mp68Vq IPS Monitor

Best Ips Monitor in India in Affordable Price Range

Monitor with MP68 adapted to AMD free sync technology to eliminate tearing from low frame rate

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But it doesn't rotate or have a height adjustment. This monitor is excellent other than this drawback.

Best Monitors for Work from Home India

Here is a list of the top Indian brands that sell the best and most affordable printers for home usage. Here, you can also find information on the benefits, cons, and price of essential features.

  1. BenQ Gw2283 Bezel-Less Monitor
  2. Samsung Lc24F390Fhwxxl Curved Led Monitor
  3. LG 22Mp68Vq IPS Monitor
  4. Acer HA270 Frameless LCD Monitor
  5. Dell 24" (60.96 cm) FHD Monitor
  6. Lenovo Q-Series IPS Ultraslim Monitor
  7. HP M27f 27-Inch Micro-Edge Monitor

1. BenQ Gw2283 Bezel-Less Monitor

With a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, the BenQ Gw2283 22-Inch (55.88 cm) LCD IPS, Bezel-Less Monitor is our top choice. It has flicker-free technology, reduced blue light, and other features to protect your eyes and reduce eye strain.

Overall, it is a commendable monitor that meets all needs for work from home, although it would be better if it came with a 5A connector rather than a 15A connection.

2. Samsung Lc24F390Fhwxxl Curved Led Monitor

With a thickness of fewer than 0.5 inches, this monitor has an exceptionally tiny profile. The screen brightness is automatically adjusted using the eco-saving plus technology to conserve power and transition smoothly, substantially reducing energy consumption.

The backlight during dark movie scenes is this display's main weakness. Overall, this monitor is among the lightest and thinnest that you can purchase for a fair price.

3. LG 22Mp68Vq IPS Monitor

This monitor's major selling point is its PIP mode, which lets you work while watching a video in a window floating on the screen. Screen Split divides the display into portions for varied uses by altering the windows on the screen. Without a doubt, it is the best inexpensive gaming monitor.

It does not, however, rotate or adjust in height. Aside from this flaw, this monitor is fantastic.

4. Acer HA270 Frameless LCD Monitor

The 2W X 2 stereo speakers built into this display provide an amazing multimedia experience. Even graphics professionals may utilize the display because of its vivid colors that encompass 99% of the Adobe RGB color gamut thanks to the IPS screen. You can connect this monitor through HDMI, USB-C (alt DP mode), or display port using the ports on the back of the display. Any room decorating would look amazing with the chic milky white geometric base.

It is a really inventive monitor with a slim design and fantastic screen, but the price is exorbitant.

5. Dell 24" (60.96 cm) FHD Monitor

Our next choice has a sleek, modern appearance with a light textured pattern on the monitor's rear. Every living space feels as though great style and quality have been harmoniously combined. Dual HDMI connections that are built-in keep your devices connected and make switching between streaming and console games simple.

An outdated HDMI cable was included in the packaging. But the manufacturer changed it after receiving a complaint. Overall, utilizing Dell Easy Arrange, the monitor is the most effective way to maintain organization between windows, emails, and programs on one screen.

6. Lenovo Q-Series IPS Ultraslim Monitor

Our next Lenovo monitor has a luxurious appearance and is easily adaptable to any type of interior design. Even after working for hours, a blue light filter and an anti-reflection screen maintain your mood and eye health. It is simpler to operate without switching between windows because of the wide display.

The main drawback of this monitor is that the speaker does not function with a VGA cable. Overall, it produces pictures with amazing brightness and clarity.

7. HP M27f 27-Inch Micro-Edge Monitor

A small panel with virtually no bezels surrounding the screen, in addition to its sturdy design, offers it an appealing appearance. This monitor stands out from others in its price range due to features including a 90-degree rotating screen, adjustable height, and a swiveling base.

Fortunately, during our 30-day testing period, we didn't discover any negative aspects of the product. Overall, the space is adequate for both working and watching movies.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Our staff worked hard to test and narrow down the best monitors for usage in homes and small offices. Even though it was challenging to find the greatest products online, our team's perseverance eventually allowed us to compile a list of the highest-quality monitors that are readily available in India.

Why You Should Trust Us

In this section, we'll discuss some findings from the product testing we did. First, we conducted online polls to compile a list of the top monitor models sold in India and in great demand. Following that, we created a list of the top 50 items that had a high sales ratio. We initially chose 30 monitors and had a conversation with our employees about them. Our team then created a parameter list to assess the capabilities and features of each monitor. We assembled a testing team consisting of freelancers, professionals, students, and a selected few other who regularly use monitors. For approximately 30 days, they tested each one using numerous parameters. After the testing was over, our managers, Aman, and Rohit assessed the testers' feedback. This list of best quality monitors is the result of our team member’s hard work and dedication.

Who This Is For

These best monitors for home use in India are ideal for all those who are:

  • Working from home permanently
  • First-time buyers
  • Students
  • Running small offices, coaching centers, etc.
  • Considering for best monitor in India 2022
  • Keen to know the cheap and best monitors for work from home in India.

How We Picked

We take into account the aspects of each monitor, including its size, resolution, energy efficiency, design, technology, ports, sound and video output, and more. We also take into account extra variables like brand and pricing. Let's look at a couple of the variables we tested these monitors with.

  1. Price: When selecting a monitor, the first obvious obstacle is price, how much to spend, and whether the cost outweighs the benefits. So, in order to satisfy the needs of each buyer, we gathered products that were affordable.
  2. Connectivity: Our team's second primary factor to take into account was connectivity. Users should ideally choose a monitor that supports the USB-C, Thunderbolt, HDMI, or Display Port outputs that are offered by their laptop. So, a wide variety of networking characteristics are offered by our shortlisted devices.
  3. Size: There are no restrictions on what you can select because we have included a variety of sizes in the review article. However, creating a temporary workstation at home may restrict how big you can actually go. For desks with limited space, a 24-inch monitor is an excellent place to start because you can put it practically anywhere.

Our Picks

Take a gaze at our wide-ranging list of best monitors in India with price details.

Final Verdict

Our top option, the BenQ Gw2283 22-Inch (55.88 cm) LCD IPS, Bezel-Less Monitor, is ideal for professionals who use laptops for extended periods of time since it protects your eyes and reduces eye strain. It boasts a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

The Samsung Lc24F390Fhwxxl Backlit Computer Monitor, which has a 24-inch size and a 1,920 by 1,080 resolution, is our runner-up choice and has energy-saving features.

Our cost-effective option is the LG 22Mp68Vq 22 Inch IPS Monitor, which provides an improved color vision to assist those who have color weaknesses.

Buy the best monitor in India to get better visibility and protect your eyes from the constant strain of watching a tiny screen of a laptop.