With a dynamic and constantly busy environment, getting enough sleep and taking proper rest is an extremely crucial part of the day. A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for the health of children, adults as well as the elderly. It’s just as important as eating healthy food and exercising. Sadly, there's a lot that can disrupt natural sleep habits. One such factor is the quality of sleep which can be highly affected by your choice of mattresses. A good mattress provides the ideal blend of comfort and support, preserving natural spinal alignment and body posture and thereby considerably improving sleep quality. As a result, we at Shop Sutra have decided to extend our helping hands by recommending to you the best mattress in India under 15000 list. And according to our research, the best mattress under 15000 in India is the Wakefit Mattress.

Our Pick

Wakefit Mattress

Superior in Quality and a Tremendously Long-Lasting Mattress

Our team of experts were extremely impressed by the features of the mattress that has earned it the position of the best mattress in India under 15000.

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Our experts at Shop Sutra were pleasantly surprised when they analyzed the features and excellence that are offered by the mattress. Numerous tests ensured several premium factors like firmness, durability, advanced design, and the others which established it as the best mattresses in India under 15000. It fits perfectly with our research parameters.

Your spine gets affected by the quality and condition of the mattress, which will eventually result in restless sleep and enormous back pain. Through our stringent series of tests and analysis, we have analyzed that this mattress by Wakefit is an orthopedic memory foam mattress that will take the shape of your body providing uniform support throughout, enhancing your comfort. It separates the motion from one side of the mattress to the other, providing you with a sound sleep. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to bed bugs - best for those with sensitive skin and allergic tendencies.

Your body needs adequate rest. Our research shows that this mattress gives you targeted relief so that you wake fit every day. It is a medium-firm mattress that will help your body unwind and provide the support it needs. According to our research, the product comes with high endurance and great quality. Choose disturbance-free deep sleep if you go ahead with this product!


SleepyHead Original Mattress

Balanced Firmness with Bounce and Density

We at Shop Sutra never expected such a well-designed mattress, and we are delighted to have discovered and recommended it to you all.

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Some mattresses are hard. Some are soft. Others are springy. Then there’s one that’s just right. Similar to the quality of our best pick, this mattress from SleepyHead is another great option for you.

This is a medium-firm mattress that is both supportive and soft, which is something that everyone wants. With the firm foam base, memory foam in the middle and a breathable soft layer to top it off, our experts at Shop Sutra have declared that this mattress keeps you and your bed-mate equally comfortable. After continuous testing for several days, our team came to an understanding that this mattress provides exactly the right amount of support for 90% of all body types, without compromising on softness and cushiness. It has a sweet sinking feeling which helps you in moving without causing any partner disturbance on the other side of the bed.

Our experts were shocked to see that this mattress that comes compressed in a box has exactly the density you require. It has three foam layers and comes with a high-quality cover that you can wash regularly to keep your bed comfy and completely dust-free. However, if you want to go forward with something more pocket-friendly, you can try out our budget pick reviewed below.

Budget Pick

AmazonBasics Mattress Topper

Quilted Top and Hypoallergenic Fill

This mattress is our budget pick. We were pleasantly surprised by the high quality supplied at such a low price, prompting us to recommend it to you all.

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This mattress is an affordable product that comes with a similar quality level to our first two picks. If you are on a budget and looking for a mattress that doesn’t cost a lot and has commendable features, then this is the one for you!

The AmazonBasics quilted mattress pad can help you get a better night's sleep. Our research has discovered that the quilted top pad not only increases your level of sleeping comfort, but it also adds an important layer of protection between the bed sheets and the mattress. Thanks to its woven fabric front and back, the mattress pad can be machine washed and dried at high temperatures, ensuring ultimate health and hygiene.

Thoughtfully designed, it features poly-cotton fabric for breath ability, strength, and easy care. The mattress passed all the tests and analysis in flying colors and has hence made it to our top three picks.

10 Best Mattresses in India under 15000

Getting adequate sleep is important for a person's health and well-being to remain fit and have a positive outlook towards life. Our extensive research and survey found that more than 90 percent of people say a comfortable mattress is important for a good night’s sleep. Considering its importance and the health benefits that it can offer, we at Shop Sutra have come up with a list of the best mattresses in India under 15000.

  1. Wakefit Mattress
  2. SleepyHead Original Mattress
  3. AmazonBasics Mattress Topper
  4. SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress
  5. Sleepwell Starlite Discover Mattress
  6. Sleepyhead Flip-Dual Sided Mattress
  7. Duroflex Liveln Mattress
  8. SpringTek Tri Fold Mattress
  9. SpringTek Amaze Eco Mattress
  10. Flo Ergo Mattress

If you're thinking about buying a mattress, go over this list thoroughly and find the best mattress in India under 15000. You can also learn more about each of the products below.

1. Wakefit Mattress

Made with next-generation memory foam, this soft mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses in the country. It is affordable and made with breathable fabric, and even comes with 7 Pressure Zone Layers. It provides comfort for every part of the body and adjusts according to your body type to give you a great experience.

The high resilience foam helps the mattress to change according to your body shape, and hold it for a long period as well. The Wakefit Orthopaedic memory foam mattress is made with hypoallergenic material and offers optimal spine support that lets you enjoy undisturbed, deep sleep every night. We observed that this perfect mattress retains your body heat during winters and releases it during summer, making it ideal for a comfortable sleep in every season.

2. SleepyHead Original Mattress

If you are looking for a firm mattress that will let you experience sound sleep every night, then this is the mattress that you should go for. It adjusts itself according to your body weight and shape and offers just the right amount of firmness for everybody. Made with breathable soft material, this type of mattress is considered by a lot of our experts as the ‘best mattress in India under 15000.’

These types of mattresses provide just the right levels of firmness and come with 3 substantial foam layers to get the right density as well. It comes with a washable outer cover too, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. We also loved how this firmer mattress helps you maintain the perfect posture and spinal alignment for a longer period. This was positively demonstrated by the sleeping position of our volunteers during the trial periods.

3. AmazonBasics Mattress Topper

If you are dealing with any kinds of body aches or body pains, then this mattress is a must-have for you. It offers proper alignment of the body along with optimal spine support and is known for its firmness and comfort. It comes with poly-cotton fabric which is breathable and is also easy to take care of.

This is a soft and cozy mattress, which is made with hypoallergenic material. It comes with a quilted top and takes the shape of your body when you are sleeping. It also offers a 1-year warranty. When we were exploring the range of orthopedic mattresses, we found this one and observed that this is good for pain relief. The 100-night trial offered by this mattress even helped us to identify every small detail within this price range. We concluded that this mattress fits with almost every bed size and offers extra comfort.

4. SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress

This mattress is suited for a double bed and is known for its high quality and durability. It has a beautiful and unique orange color and comes with a high resilience medium soft foam. It is the best-in-class breathable mattress to have for better spine alignment and back support for utmost comfort, even for orthopedic patients.

One of the best things that we loved about this reversible mattress is that it comes with 'Advanced Neem Fresche Technology', which helps you enjoy a peaceful sleep. It comes in a pre-assembled form, cutting your work in half. It is extremely comfortable and is made with a breathable fabric as well, which is why many people deem this as the best mattress in India. While evaluating an ortho mattress range suitable for the average bed size in India, we found this superb medium-firm mattress that is tested to improve your sleep quality.

5. Sleepwell Starlite Discover Mattress

Sleepwell Mattresses are well known in the country, due to their superior quality and increased comfort level. This mattress is perfect for a single bed and offers just the right level of firmness. We found that this is a pre-assembled mattress that comes in a beautiful red color and a multi-layered core for maximum comfort.

This mattress is a must-have for your home, especially if you are on a budget but you want something that gives you a sound, good night’s sleep. It is a true value for money product, loved by netizens all over the country and its comfort layers adjust to your body pressure, offering you a sound sleep, as testified by sleep experts. It offers maximum back support to users, which is one of the main reasons behind its popularity amongst our experts. We will recommend you to get rid of every bad mattress that you have used earlier and bring these single mattresses home!

6. Sleepyhead Flip-Dual Sided Mattress

Experts from our team often recommend this product due to its high quality and long-lasting nature. It is from one of the most reputed companies in the country, which makes it one of the most reliable mattresses around. It is a memory foam mattress, with just the right level of firmness and softness and is perfect for pain relief and back support.

It is a super-convenient product that comes in a pre-assembled form and is easy to unpack and put to use. It aligns with your body perfectly, giving you a feeling like no other. It even maintains your body temperature and keeps you cozy and comfortable no matter what the temperature outside is. We found that this mattress is suited for every kind of sleeping style and is ideal for all kinds of sleepers. Its natural material and supportive foam base fascinated our team of experts.

7. Duroflex Liveln Mattress

This mattress deserves a spot on our curated list as it is an ideal combination of firmness, support, and plush comfort to give all types of sleepers a comfortable night full of sound sleep. It comes with a resilient foam base for maximum back support and is topped with a comfortable foam layer for an amazing feel.

It is made with hypoallergenic material and comes with triple 'Antimicrobial Treatment' for added safety. It is a DIY mattress, easy to use, that offers you just the right amount of bounce as well. We found that this mattress is made from a natural material and is even equipped with a motion transfer mechanism that does not disturb your sleep. The cell structure of this mattress improves its firmness scale and hence we loved this piece.

8. SpringTek Tri Fold Mattress

This is a mattress that you can use to give your body much-needed rest after a long and tiring day. It offers comfort like nothing else and is a compact and concise product as well. It is easy to carry around and can be positioned anywhere for a comfortable experience.

This mattress is the perfect thing to have when you are out on any adventures or sporting events. It is cozy, with a firm base, and made with natural materials. We found that this mattress offers medium firmness that is ideal to alleviate joint pains and also helps in maintaining a correct posture. It is an incredible Indian mattress that is available at a very reasonable price point. While analyzing a range of orthopedic mattresses, we found these softer mattresses that ranked better than other airbed mattresses that we studied.

9. SpringTek Amaze Eco Mattress

This mattress is easy to clean and maintain and comes in a beautiful red color. It is covered with special polyester dark-colored cotton fabric that is a removable cover and can be washed easily even after getting stained, in any environment. It comes with a PU foam layer that makes the mattress extremely comfortable.

This is an economical foam mattress that offers maximum back and spine support. This is from one of the most well-known mattress brands and is the perfect choice for anyone that puts comfort above everything. When you are looking for a foam mattress suitable for offering you the correct body posture for relaxed sleep, then our team of experts will recommend you this quality product.

10. Flo Ergo Mattress

If you are struggling with insomnia and want something that will guarantee a peaceful, good night’s rest, then this mattress is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a slowly regained memory foam that offers great pressure relief. It also comes equipped with '3D Airflow Technology' that helps to maintain your body’s temperature while using this mattress.

It is a reversible gel memory foam mattress, which is why you can switch sides easily when you need a firmer or softer feeling. It even comes with a whopping 10-year warranty. We loved this superior product that is manufactured from quality material to offer a comfortable sleeping experience, even when it is a stomach sleeper in concern! All of these reasons are why it is an ideal choice for people during summer nights and hence our experts deem this as the best mattress in India.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

At Shop Sutra, we work around the clock to bring you the greatest product selections available in the market. Long hours of screening, testing, investigation, and analysis are all part of our meticulous approaches and processes. Our teams also include professionals and experts from related fields who ensure that no detail or expert advice is overlooked. To further explain the details, we have divided the following section into these parts -

Why You Should Trust Us

Our company policy at Shop Sutra is to provide a healthy alternative and an effective answer to our customers' and clients' lifestyle difficulties. We stand for the highest-quality, safest alternatives that have been personally evaluated and found to be just as successful as, if not more effective than, your current product options. Furthermore, we recognise the confusion caused by the exploding markets, therefore we are here to make your life easier and more convenient.

Our researchers and team that was put together for this study analyzed every feature of the shortlisted products. Over seventy-five mattresses under 15000 were chosen, tested, and analyzed from the market. We ran a series of distinct and individual tests - carefully and thoroughly for hours - and tallied them with the help of our statistics team after the initial selections and screenings. We only approve, suggest, and include a product in our finely-prepared review list of the best mattresses in India under 15000 after conducting extensive research, testing, and evaluations.

Our teams have also contacted many knowledgeable and well-known experts in the industry to obtain their expert opinion and ideas on the subject. We also conduct countrywide surveys to learn what the general public thinks, wants, and prefers as a final step before making our lists public, which helps us streamline and adhere to our company goals and give the absolute best to our audiences.

Who This Is For

Our products are helpful for a broad spectrum of people across India. However, we have some specifically picked audience in mind for this product line, including, but not limited to -

  • Owners of home & furnishing stores.
  • Owners of hotels and stays.
  • Owners of hospitals.
  • People who are re-furnishing the bedrooms.
  • People with back pain and spinal problems.
  • People furnishing their house.

Rest assured, regardless of who makes a purchase, our products will provide exceptional satisfaction and quality comfort.

How We Picked

We presented our surveyees with a list of 40 products. These were chosen based on:

  • Quality: The mattresses are intelligently made up of superior quality. We looked at more than seventy-five mattresses under 15000 so that they serve the requirements of a large number of people without any compromise in the quality.
  • Firmness: Firmness is the feeling you get when you first lie down on a mattress. We tested and analyzed more than 75 products. Out of which, these products in our list were proven to have the right amount of firmness that people usually prefer.
  • Support: The mattress's support relates to how well it keeps your spine aligned. Our research and analysis established that these are orthopedic mattresses and serve well towards the spinal alignment of your body. A perfect blend of firmness and support is what makes a mattress the best pick for you and we got you covered in both parameters.

Our Picks

Our research team has poured all of their hard work into conducting a wide array of screenings and tests to bring you this assortment of the best mattress in india under 15000. These mattresses are compiled comprehensively detailing each of their strengths and properties.

Photo Title Price Buy
Wakefit ShapeSense Orthopedic...image Wakefit ShapeSense Orthopedic Classic Memory Foam Mattress 6-Inch Queen Size 78x60x6 Inches Space Grey ₹11,297.00
AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Polycotton...image AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Polycotton Quilted Lightweight Mattress Topper, 18" Deep, King (White)
Sleepwell Starlite Discover...image Sleepwell Starlite Discover 4-inch Firm Single Size Foam Mattress (72*36*4 Inches) ₹4,999.00
duroflex Livein -...image duroflex Livein - Pressure Relieving, Memory Foam, Roll Pack, 6 Inch King Size Medium Firm Mattress with Superior Comfort and Anti Microbial Fabric (75x72x6 Inches) ₹14,439.00
Springtek Tri-Fold Soft...image Springtek Tri-Fold Soft Foam Mattress | PU Foam 3 Folding | Medium Firm Mattress for Travelling (Double Size, 4" inch) (72x48x4), 1 Year Warranty by Manufacturer ₹5,208.00
Springtek Amaze Eco...image Springtek Amaze Eco 4-Inch Medium Firm Single Size High Density (HD Foam Mattress (72X36X4 Inches, 2 Year Warranty ₹3,662.00

Make sure you go through all of them to choose the best mattress for you!

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best mattress in India under 15000 with top quality and features along with great comfort, then we recommend you our very best pick - Wakefit Mattress.

If you’re looking for a similar yet different product that has all appreciable attributes, do check our runner-up - SleepyHead Original Mattress.

If you’re in search of a pocket-friendly mattress that meets all the expectations at a lower price range, then we recommend our best in the budget pick - AmazonBasics Mattress Topper.

However, the best mattress in India under 15000 mentioned above are quite comparable in terms of quality. We can also assure you that, no matter what you choose, all the products on our list are designed to provide optimum comfort and customer satisfaction.