Here in India, hair dryers are often associated with women's styles. But that is a blatantly biased reference and is not at all accurate. Grooming cannot be stereotyped as catering to a particular sex. Men also require a hair dryer to achieve a stylish outlook with their hair. This is true not only for men with long hair but also for men with short hair. The blow dryer's relaxed air setting is a great incentive to use and maximize your hairstyle. This is why we at Shopsutra think that hair dryers are as essential to a man's grooming as a basic comb is. Men's hair dryers are slightly different from the hair dryers used by women. They have a much narrower nozzle. To help every guy out there who bears a concern for grooming, fashion, and hair styling, we have come up with the top hair dryer for men in India list crafted by experts. We have gathered a team of experts from various backgrounds and tested multiple products to bring this list to you. According to our study, Philips HP8100/60 Hair Dryer is the best hair dryer in India.

Our professional team of experts applauded this product for its unique ‘ThermoProtect’ mechanism. This provides you with the optimal temperature for drying your hair. The mechanism is meant for additional protection to avoid any damage to multiple hair types from overheating due to frequent hair dryer usage.

This Philips hair dryer gives you maximum ease during usage because of its clever and modern design. This product dries your wet hair efficiently with two flexible speed settings. It has a narrow concentrator that helps you to focus on a part of your hair for effective drying and ionic conditioning. This hair dryer is good for both straight and curly hair. It keeps your hair free from frizz. It also provides you with two different heat settings. This 1000 watts hair dryer is the best product for efficiently styling hair and gives the best results in every usage according to experts from our research team.

Our Pick

Philips HP8100/60 Hair Dryer

Superior Outlook with Ergonomic Design and Equipped with Heat Balance Technology

Our team of experts at Shopsutra were highly impressed with this product for its ergonomic design which allows maximum air flow. So, they unanimously declared this as the best hair dryer in India.

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Hana is known for its use of radical innovation in hair dryers. We witnessed that this hair dryer is easily available within the price range of a working guy and its variable heat settings ensure gentle drying and precise styling for your hair. Therefore, it ranks amongst the topmost hair styling products on our list.

Our experts studied negative ionic technology present with this HANA Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryer for precise styling of your hair. These negative ions make your hair smooth by locking in moisture. It also enables your hair to endure higher levels of heat without damage. It emits a massive number of negative ions to make your hair frizz-free. It makes your hair humidity-resistant and helps to dry your hair relatively swiftly and efficiently. It penetrates your hair cuticle quickly and gives you smooth hair. This premium hair dryer has adjustable speed which suits a variety of hairstyles. You can control the fan speed according to your hairstyle. The negative ionic technology provides natural shine and minimizes hair damage. This powerful hairdryer consumes 2000 watts of electricity. It has an AC motor and heater. We saw that these professional hairdryers ensure frizz-free hair in 4-8 minutes.

We found that the package also contains 2 concentrators. It has 6 heat or speed settings. It has 3 heating and 2-speed buttons. The air filter can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. Our experts assure you that this product comes with a high-quality flame retardant layer, double insulated protection, durable heating elements, and a heat thermostat making it suitable to use for long periods of time. The AC motor also helps in its surprising longevity and consumption of minimum watts of power. So, we at Shopsutra recommend this dryer as the perfect hair dryer for men in India.


HANA Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryer

Lightweight Hairdryer with Tourmaline and Negative Ionic Technology

This products unique Tourmaline and Negative Ionic technology makes it special than other ceramic hair dryers available in the market. Our team was amazed with its multiple features and declared it to be one of the best hair dryers in India for men.

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Our experts were mesmerized by how swiftly this product can dry your hair. It is very suitable for the daily usage of your hair.

The product Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer provides you with two pre-selected heat and speed options. Such options help you to control the airflow while maintaining moisture in your hair. This gives you truly shiny and glamorous hair. This premium hair dryer is also equipped with 'Heat Balance Technology' which gives you protection from any potential damage to your hair due to overheating. It ensures an even distribution of heat throughout your hair. We also observed that this product comes with a big wind inlet. This reduces air swirl resulting in quiet and efficient drying of your hair.

Budget Pick

Syska HD 1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer

Top Grooming Products Equipped with Heat Balance Technology and Creating Low Noise

If you want to get rid of frizz from your hair and achieve stylish hair efficiently without burning a hole in your pocket then this is the most suitable hair dryer for men in India.

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Our experts were blown away by so many available features of this product at such an affordable price. They picked this product as a budget pick as the previous two hair styling products were only slightly better but this gave those two close competition. It also comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. Based on all these virtues, our team declared this to be the perfect hair dryer in India for men, available at a highly affordable price.

Top 10 Brands of Hair Dryers for Men

Hair dryers are essential products for professionals. Drying your hair post-shower may take a lot of unnecessary time. The hair dryer saves you this time. It also helps you prepare yourself with a fizz-free, stylish hairstyle with a minimum fuss. We at Shopsutra understand this product to be necessary for grooming men. Though there are many articles on women's hair dryers, there is a lack of well-researched good-quality articles on hair dryers for men. We want to address this gap and provide assistance to all the guys out there with our empirically based information on top hair dryers.

For this, our team of experts has prepared a list of the top ten brands of hair dryers for men in India. We hope this provides you with holistic information and guides you to make an informed purchase.

  1. Philips HP8100/60 Hair Dryer
  2. HANA Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryer
  3. Syska HD 1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer
  4. Vega Pro Touch Professional Hair Dryer
  5. Havells HD3162 Men’s Hair Dryer
  6. Nirvani 2888 Professional Hair Dryer for Men
  7. Havells HD3181 Unisex Foldable Hair Dryer
  8. CARRERA 631 Professional Hair Dryer for Men and Women
  9. UNICHOABHA Professional Stylish Hair Dryers
  10. Shophere Professional Hair Dryer

Studying these products mentioned in our list will give you insights on features like temperature control, turbo dry feature, excess heat protection, instant care, and even the warranty period. So go through this information in detail to make a solid purchase.

1. Philips HP8100/60 Hair Dryer

This is one of the most revered hair dryers for both men and women in the market. It comes with 2 flexible settings for efficient dying and has an ergonomic design. It also comes with heat-balanced technology to make sure that your dry hair remains protected from overheating.

This hair dryer has a compact size and comes with a narrow concentrator for focused airflow, which is great for quick hair drying. It is suitable for both curly and straight hair and makes sure that your hair remains frizz free after drying. We found that this Philips hair dryer is one that gives you lustrous hair with every usage and therefore highly recommends this product!

2. HANA Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryer

This product deserves recognition due to its high quality, ergonomic design, and interesting features. We loved this product as it offers to overheat protection and comes with different temperature settings for maximum convenience.

This compact hair dryer does not produce much noise, which is one of the best things about it. It is easy to carry everywhere as well. You get both hot and cold air with this product as well as two-speed settings. We especially loved this product as it minimizes damage to hair and makes your hair glossy and shining.

3. Syska HD 1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer

As one of the most popular hair dryers for men in this country, this product has been creating a lot of traction for a while now. The hair stylists and hair care professionals in our team consider this product to be the ‘Best Hair Dryer for Men in India’ due to its excellent features and stylish appeal.

The Syska hair dryer offers gentle styling which is why it is perfect for everyday use. It also offers a uniform distribution of air which helps in quick and efficient drying, and it also comes at an affordable price. We highly recommend this product because it prevents hair breakage with its cutting-edge technologies. This hair protective technology was amongst the best that we found in the range of hair dryers tested.

4. Vega Pro Touch Professional Hair Dryer

Vega hair dryers are known for their affordable rates as well as their innovative designs. This is one of the best products from this brand and is perfect for quick drying your hair while also keeping it protected from overheating.

It has a compact design and is a travel-friendly product. It even comes with 2 different speeds and temperature settings and offers uniform heat distribution which is why many hair care professionals in our team believe this product to be the ‘Best hair dryer in India’. We investigated the available technologies and found that this product combines the best technologies to protect your hair from damage.

5. Havells HD3162 Men’s Hair Dryer

Havells is one of the oldest and most reliable brands when it comes to electrical appliances, and the same thing stands in this case. This hair dryer has a sleek and stylish look, a compact size, and offers a powerful hair throw for fast and efficient drying.

This is one of the best and most affordable hairdryers that can be used for everyday styling. It comes with overheat protection, 2 different speed settings, and even a cool shot button. We believe that regular usage of this compact hairdryer is not detrimental to your healthy hair as it is one of the premium hair styling tools available in the country.

6. Nirvani 2888 Professional Hair Dryer for Men

This hair dryer deserves a spot on our list as it is not only lightweight and easy to carry around but also comes with many amazing features. It also has a stylish appeal, comes with 2 different speed settings, and provides both hot and cool air for gentle blow drying. You also get a detachable back filter and a special rubber cable for maximum convenience.

It is a unisex product, ideal for use even by women. It even offers to overheat protection for your hair, which is why it can be used regularly without any worries. We found that these hair straighteners minimize hair loss in men with their unique ionic care features and advanced technology. Apart from the airflow settings, the hairdryer wattage range is also ideal for daily use without the consumption of a lot of energy.

7. Havells HD3181 Unisex Foldable Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is often recommended by our team of experts as it is a reliable and trustworthy brand and comes with many innovative features. It is stylish, powerful, and great for quick drying. It even comes with an extra-long cord which makes using this extremely easy and convenient.

It is easy to carry around and comes with two speed and temperature settings as well. It can be used regularly as well, as it offers to overheat protection for your hair. The cool airflow option ensures gentle caressing of your hair strands and therefore it highly impressed our team of hair stylists and hair care professionals. These are some reasons why many professionals in our team believe this to be the ‘Best hair dryer in India’.

8. CARRERA 631 Professional Hair Dryer for Men and Women

With a stunning and stylish look, this hair dryer is fit for professional use and promotes instant heating. It even comes with an AC Motor and is equipped with argon oil and keratin, which makes it the best fit for all types of hair.

It can be used for simple and complex hairstyles and is also very easy to use. It is also a good choice for fast and efficient hair drying as it is a powerful blow dryer. Its multiple power settings ensure a gentle airflow that effectively dries your hair and that is why we loved this piece thoroughly. Its heating coil also prevents excess temperature that might cause damage to your hair.

9. UNICHOABHA Professional Stylish Hair Dryers

With ionic technology and overheat protection, this hair dryer has been amazing people in the fashion and grooming industry for quite a while now. It is one of the fastest and safest hair dryers for men to use, which prevents hair damage from overheating.

It even comes with 6 different speed settings, which is why it can be used for all sorts of hair styling. It offers both warm and cool drying and can be carried around easily as well, which is why it is such a popular product. We loved how this hair dryer leaves your hair super dry with every usage.

10. Shophere Professional Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is known for its convenience, overheating protection, and its compact size. It can be carried around easily and can help you style your hair gently without harming it in any way.

It is easy to use and does not produce much noise for a comfortable and convenient experience. It offers hair drying for both hot and cold hair and even comes with 2 different speed settings. Apart from minimizing heat exposure, we loved how this product comes in compact packaging and offers a quiet drying experience.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Who doesn't want frizz-free, shiny and bouncy hair? It is not only women who have to tend to their hairstyle. Guys also have to ensure a smooth, shiny hairstyle, especially in a professional environment. Such things are perceived on the basis of gender in our society. This gender-based notion is also responsible to classify hair dryers as part of a woman's grooming kit, not of a guy's. But this is a blatant misunderstanding of such a technology. Guys with long hair need such hair dryers to prepare themselves. Even guys with standard-sized, short hair will also be benefitted from such device usage. So, we at Shopsutra put our best foot forward to help you come out of such a gendered perception of grooming technology. With this in mind, we assembled a team of professional hair experts, hair stylists, and other experts with technical knowledge to find out the best hair dryers for men in India. We are giving some of the details of the procedure of our research process below to ensure the maximum level of transparency with our readers. This account will also help in enhancing your understanding of various aspects while buying a hair dryer for yourself. For your convenience, this part will be divided into the following five sections -

Why You Should Trust Us

We at Shopsutra consider ourselves as a guide for our readers in navigating the massive amounts of brands of every product that are available in today's markets - both online and offline. A detailed understanding of the pros and cons of all such brands is really cumbersome for any ordinary person to do. This is where we like to step in to provide our readers with suggestions backed by empirical evidence and based on professional opinions.

Initially, our market analysts provided us with more than fifty brands of hair dryers that are available in the Indian market. They listed these brands based on online sales figures and extensive online opinion reviews. After this, hair stylists in our team went through all the products and analyzed the features available in them thoroughly. This gave us a shortlist of twenty products based on the choice and understanding of these stylists. After this, hair specialists and technical experts analyzed all the shortlisted products based on their technologies that ensure faster drying, multiple heat options, and a gentle drying experience minimizing damage due to usage. After analyzing all these properties based on multiple parameters, our list of top ten brands of hair dryers for men was drawn up.

The research process aspired to achieve a balance between innovation and considerations regarding style. While technology is an 'objective' category, everyone has his own style. So, our team struck a balance between objectivity and subjectivity and curated the list of products based on both as mediated by expert opinions.

Who This Is For

We firmly believe that our list will cater to the needs and requirements of the general public at large. We undertook some sampling of opinions from specific target groups as listed below:

  • Men working in corporate jobs
  • Men working in the IT industry
  • Models and Actors
  • Men with the aspiration of stylish outlooks
  • Men working from the office
  • Men interested in traveling
  • Teenagers and adults going to college and university

How We Picked

We analyzed hair dryers from all the brands based on a variety of relevant parameters. Giving an account of all these parameters will exceed the limited space of a single article like this. To spare you the boredom of such a large account, we have listed below some of the most important parameters in our study:

  1. Technology: Technology is the most important parameter for our study. Our experts accordingly focused on what type of technology is available in a product like cold shot mode, instant conditioning for frizz, detachable concentrator nozzle, air control, etc. Innovations such as negative ion technology helped in creating a frizz-free hairstyle whereas the rubberized hook ensured compact storage.
  2. Speed and Heat Settings: These are essential features for a hair dryer to have. So, our team focused on how many combinations of these settings are available in the product of various brands under focus.
  3. Nozzle Diameter: The nozzle of a good hair dryer should be narrow. This helps you in focusing your dryer for a blow dry on particular spots of your hair. So, our team focused on this parameter as well.

Our Picks

We at Shopsutra have listed these products on the basis of multiple parameters like those mentioned above. We only urge you to go through the whole list before making up your mind about purchasing any one of the products. We don't have any connection or interest in you choosing one or the other product. So, we request you compare all the listed products yourself and make an informed purchase. We aspire to make you an informed consumer of hair dryers as well as any other product.

Photo Title Price Buy
HANA Women's And...image HANA Women's And Men's Professional Stylish Hot And Cold Hair Dryers (2000 Watts) Multicolor ₹620.00
Syska HD1600 Trendsetter...image Syska HD1600 Trendsetter 1000 Watts Hair Dryer - Teal ₹873.00
Vega Vhdp-02 Professional...image Vega Vhdp-02 Professional Hair Dryer For Women & Men- (Pro Touch 1800-2000W) Cool Shot Button & 2 Detachable Nozzles|Black|2000 Watt ₹2,039.00
Havells HD3162 Men's...image Havells HD3162 Men's 1565 Watts Powerful Hair Dryer with Thin Concentrator and Cool Shot Button; Heat Balance Technology (Black) ₹1,249.00
Nirvani Men and...image Nirvani Men and Women's Professional Stylish Hair Dryer with 2 Speed and 2 Heat Setting, 1 Concentrator Nozzle and Hanging Loop (2888, 1500 Watts, Black) ₹349.00
Havells 1600W Unisex...image Havells 1600W Unisex Foldable Hair Dryer|3 Heat Settings (Hot/Warm/Cold) With Cool Shot|Heat Balance Technology|Midnight Black|Perfect Blow Dry Companion For Effortless Styling (Hd3181)-1600 Watts ₹1,485.00
UNICHOABHA Professional Stylish...image UNICHOABHA Professional Stylish Hair Dryers for Womens and Men Hot and Cold DRYER 2000 Watts, Black ₹589.00

You can choose your hair dryers based on the degree of hair protection offered or them being an affordable option in your quest. Anyway, we believe you have enough information at your disposal to make a calculated purchase.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best hair dryer for men in India with the best features then our team will unanimously recommend you to buy Philips HP8100/60 Hair Dryer.

If you are looking for the best hair dryer for men with negative ion technology then we suggest you buy HANA Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryer.

If you are looking for the most affordable hair dryer for men in India with the best features then our budget picks - Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer, may interest you.

However, all the hair dryers listed here are of comparable technologies and guarantee hair protection. Therefore, you don't have to worry about satisfaction during usage.