Football is actually a game that improves concentration and stamina. Like cricket, football is also gaining huge popularity among Indians. However, you need the right items to make this sport interesting and enjoyable. Get to know which the best football brands in India are.

The unpredictable moments make this sport very interesting. This football sport is not only appealing to watch but it is also played a lot by both men and women with huge enthusiasm. Playing football also provides plenty of health benefits. People love to engage in playing football rather than sweating into gyms. However, the risk of injuries is also very high in this minute-to-win game. So it is important to carry safety items while playing. The main safety items include football helmets, shoulder pads, and other football-related equipment. There are lots of Indian brands that are selling football apparel and cleats, and a lot of running, training, fitness, sports, sportswear, and footwear.

Our Pick

Nivia Storm Football

Best Football That Allows Powerful Shots

Best one out there that gives best shots too. Good quality, powerful, and amazing finish.

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To lend a helping hand to our buyers, we have collected the best football brands in India and their top football models. In our list, the top pick-up is Nivia Storm Football which is ideal to play on a hard and wet surface with artificial grass.


Nivia 1019 Football

Best Football Brand in India for All Players

Good for powerful shots, the football work on grassy surfaces too.

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The stitches are covered within the rubber mold. The football is extremely durable but in the long run, its colors will fade. This apart, it is an amazing football that is value for money. Our runner pick-up, Nivia 1019 Football comes with a 32-panel machine stitched football. The model is crafted using supreme PVC material and stitched nicely using thread.

Budget Pick

Vector X Street Soccer Rubber Moulded Football

Excellent Football to Play in All Weather Conditions

Top one for beginners to serve their purpose well. High in quality and affordable too.

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The main drawback with this football is that it is mainly for kids under 12 years of age. But it is amazing to play on smooth grassy grounds. Our budget pick-up, Vector X Street Soccer Rubber Moulded Football is suitable to get indulge in a game of football with your friends. The standard size of the football is 5 that can be used to give training to players as it is beginners friendly only.

However, it is not a good choice for our advanced football players. Overall, it is a much better option than other branded and costly footballs.

Top 10 Best Football Brands in India

Below is the comprehensive list of the best football brands in India. Take a look.

  1. Nivia Storm Football
  2. Nivia 1019 Football
  3. Vector X Street Soccer Rubber Moulded Football
  4. VOODANIA Telstar Combo Pack 1 Football
  5. Toyshine Synthetic Leather Edu-Sports Football
  6. NIVIA Home Play Football
  7. RASON Rubber Football with Pump
  8. WRF Brazuca PU Football
  9. Cosco Rio Kid's PVC Football
  10. VOODANIA Premium Brazuca Polyurethane Football

But before your decision, know their best features and what to consider before you decide on your favorite one.

1. Nivia Storm Football

This is one of the most widely used sports equipment in India. This brand is a big hit among both junior and serious players. This product is ideal to play on hard ground without grass. The notable feature of the football is the butyl bladder that eliminates the need for re-filling air. The premium material quality allows shape retention to ensure a uniform game.

In the long run, the colors may fade. But the color combination is so clear to improve the visibility.

2. Nivia 1019 Football

The Nivia brand leads in popularity when it comes to football equipment and sports apparel. This football is infused using PVC rubber material. It is suitable to play on the grassy ground. Both print and outer materials are awesome.

The ball is intended for kids under 12 years or hobby players. The ball looks cool and ideal for kids to play on grassy grounds.

3. Vector X Street Soccer Rubber Moulded Football

This rubberized molded ball is suitable for adults. You can use the football on hard and rough surfaces. The ball is 100% water resistant hence, can be used in any climate. There are very less air leakage chances as it is packed with a strong bladder and a secure valve.

The ball is ideal for beginners only, if you are an experienced player, grab our other models mentioned in this post. Overall, this lightweight ball can allow you to play freestyle moves.

4. VOODANIA Telstar Combo Pack 1 Football

If you're looking to gift your kid high-resolution graphics and good performer football, grab this pick. Senior or junior, anyone can play with this ball, including it is ideal to use for training matches.

But the ball is not meant for hard and abrasive surfaces. This apart, the football is durable and offers good performance on smooth surfaces.

5. Toyshine Synthetic Leather Edu-Sports Football

Our next pick could be used as a gifting option to kids aged 4 to 8 years. The standard size of the ball is 3, and the color is orange. The inner bladder is made using butyl rubber that eliminates the need for refills.

The pump enclosed in the package is not of a good standard. You need to buy another pump, otherwise, the ball is of good quality.

6. NIVIA Home Play Football

Our next pick from Nivia is suitable for kids under 10-12 years. You can use it on the ground with grass, sand, and even indoors. If you're looking to buy a football to help your kid to get started with learning his first football, it is a good pick.

It is less suitable for adults. Overall, it is a lightweight, bouncy football.

7. RASON Rubber Football with Pump

In this package, you will receive a football of size 5 and a football pump. The targets users of this football are both kids and adults. It is good for training and recreational purposes.

Ball's skin is not sturdy so you should avoid the football on abrasive surfaces. Overall, it is good for new players.

8. WRF Brazuca PU Football

This football from WRF is an ideal item if you are searching for something for recreational purposes. The best notable feature of this model is its weather resistance attributes.

The ball is not long-lasting though it seems like professional football. It is the best option for all age groups.

9. Cosco Rio Kid's PVC Football

Cisco is the most prominent brand in India selling sports equipment and apparel. The main specifications of the ball are imported PVC, machine stitched, soft-touch, and it is available in vibrant colors and designs.

This ball is not long-lasting and is meant for only casual playing. Overall, it is an entry-level training ball for freshers.

10. VOODANIA Premium Brazuca Polyurethane Football

Our next pick from Voodania is hand-stitched and water-resistant. Both beginner and experienced players are the main target audience of this item.

Refilling is not easy with this football model. You need to take professional help. Besides this, the ball is good to play on soft surfaces.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

This subsection of the post contains comprehensive details of our product testing strategies like how we have chosen these best brands of football in India, how we set the target audience, how our online survey was carried out, and the predefined parameters to reach the final list of these top-selling products in India.

Why You Should Trust Us

In this section, we will highlight our entire process of finalizing the top 10 best football brands in India. The product selection was based on a survey of 1000 respondents, over 30 days, who were beginners or advanced players.

We offered them the top 50 different footballs of highly popular brands available in the Indian market with good customer ratings. The whole testing process was witnessed by our two team experts, Aastha and Priya. After intensive testing using different parameters, we shortlisted the top 10 best football brands in India.

Therefore, the list that we present to you is based on our team's hard work and true dedication. All testing process was transparent to all the members.

Who This Is For

This list of the best football brands in India is for all those who:

  • Yearn to purchase a durable football for the first time
  • Need to gift best quality football to their loved ones
  • Desire to know more about the highest quality football brands in India
  • Are looking for stylish and trustworthy football brands in India
  • Yearn to buy a lightweight, good performer, durable, and budget-friendly football
  • Are advanced learners and looking for best quality football to use in the long run

How We Picked

To shortlist these top-notch quality products, we had set a group of parameters, as mentioned below:

  • Size: We included footballs of distinct sizes ranging from 3 to 5 to cater needs of every consumer.
  • Durable: Sports equipment should have long-lasting capabilities. We rated products according to their durability and ranked accordingly in this post.
  • Design and Colors: A football should be available in a variety of colors. Our rating is based on the availability of appealing colors.
  • Refilling: Our models in the list of best football brands in India, feature an airlock system that prevents air leakage and eliminates the need for refilling. We shortlisted only those that don’t need regular refills.
  • Brand Goodwill: We enlisted some of the world’s best football brands that have many retail shops in India. We listed the brands that have gained great popularity within the football market.
  • Water Resistance: It is another important parameter we considered while testing these items.

Our Picks

Check out our list of the best football brands in India and make your choice.

Final Verdict

Our top pick, Nivia Storm Football is ideal for those who aspire to grab football for hard surfaces.

Our runner pick-up, Nivia 1019 Football is ideal for younger children aged 5 to 12 years.

Our budget pick, Vector X Street Soccer Rubber Moulded Football is best for all weather conditions.

The list of the top 10 best football brands in India is intended for players of all ages. We can assure you that our top pick, runner-up, and budget pick are the best in the Indian sports market.