Nothing beats the aroma and taste of a dessert topped with whipped cream. Pies, muffins, doughnuts, and what not! Whipping cream with electric beater not only gives a beautiful texture, feel, and look to your desserts but also adds a delectable taste to them. An electric beater is one of the best ways to get the whipped cream ready for any dessert in a matter of minutes. This article is the result of the hard work of a team of exclusive chefs, homemakers, home bakers, and several bakery outlets to get to the 10 best electric beater for whipping cream in India.

And the one that passed all our stringent parameters is Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer. This Hand Mixer is a 300-watt power beater with stainless steel dough hooks and strip beaters. It comes in a classy black collar with 5 variable speeds for a variety of recipes. Its speed settings help doing all types of churning and whipping tasks in the kitchen.  It comes with a great brand value of Philips with 2-years warranty. It's a heavy base machine weighing 1.8 Kgs and works for a long time. It has cone-shaped beaters which make it the best beater for whipping cream. The stainless steel blades and accessories are safe for dishwasher washing too. Its ergonomic design makes mixing comfortable and easy.

Our Pick

Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer

Best Electric Beater for Whipping Cream

The top pick and best hand beater for whipping cream. Comes with the brand value of Philips. Highly efficient and durable product.

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This one is a perfect whipping cream beater machine and very easy to handle. It has a smooth plastic body that can be cleaned easily. However, our team felt that the blades of the beater should have been of better quality. The dough hooks may get stuck or damaged in case you use less water than the recommended quantity. However, the overall experience of every volunteer was good and it is an excellent beater for cake cream.

Skytone 800-Watt Hand Mixer Beater Blender Electric Cream Maker electric beater for cake cream is the runner up for the best electronic beater for whipping cream. It's a 5 variable speeds portable hand mixer that is super easy and efficient. It has 800 Watt powerful motor and is lightweight and comfortable to use. The beater has a twin rod stirring system with round shape blades. It performs churning, kneading, whipping, and blending tasks very efficiently. It’s a perfect beater for cake cream. The stylish design with ergonomic handles allows comfortable usage.


Skytone 800-Watt Hand Mixer Beater Blender Electric Cream Maker

Most Efficient and High Power Beater

Runner up product amongst the best cream beaters in India. Very user friendly and low maintenance product. With 800 Watt powerful motor for long usage.

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Though we observed that with time, the speed of the motor slows down. Otherwise, this product has very good looks with a matt finish and is a good whipping cream beater machine that comes with 1 year warranty too.

In the row of picking the best electronic beater for whipping cream, the budget pick is Inalsa Hand Blender Hand Mixer which has a powerful 250 watt motor with 7 variable speeds. It is certainly the best whipping cream beater machine which is pocket-friendly and is worth the amount. It has 7 speed flow and can easily whip up cream to soft-stiff peaks. It can blend flours and knead well enough for cookies and other baking items. The dough hooks and blades are made up of high-quality chrome-plated steel which is totally rust-free and easy to manage.

Budget Pick

Inalsa Hand Blender Hand Mixer

Budget Pick for the Best Electronic Cream Beater

A budget product amongst best beaters for cake cream with powerful energy saver motor and convenience.

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The speed of the motor is slow, thus, it takes a little longer time to whip the cream. Otherwise, the product is very good at such a price and is the best beater for whipping cream.

10 Best Beater for Whipping Cream in India

Here are our top picks for that perfect whipped topping to complete any dessert.

  1. Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer
  2. Skytone 800-Watt Hand Mixer Beater Blender Electric Cream Maker
  3. Inalsa Hand Blender Hand Mixer
  4. Qualimate Hand Mixer Blender
  5. Gulp Milk Frother Battery Operated Electric Foam maker
  6. InstaCuppa Milk Frother Handheld Battery operated
  7. Bajaj HM-01 Powerful 250W Hand Mixer
  8. Scarlett Electric 7 Speed Hand Mixer
  9. JONTUS Electric hand mixer egg beater machine
  10. DARZILLA Electric Egg Beater Hand Held High Speed

We tried and tested many electric beaters to select the best beater for whipping cream. All the beaters have been tested on several critical parameters by our volunteers. Let’s get to the details.

1. Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer

Phillips has a high brand value and we never get unsatisfied with their products. No doubt, this beater is the top pick and very user-friendly with good customer service support. It has 5 speed setting for every kitchen task and a good size electric cord to use. It is lightweight and has a very smooth surface which is easy to clean and maintain.

However, we do felt that the stainless steel blades can be of better quality to knead those hard and tough things. Overall, a perfect beater for whipping cream.

2. Skytone 800-Watt Hand Mixer Beater Blender Electric Cream Maker

This is a 5 speed portable hand mixer with a unique, stylish, and ergonomic design. This blender has a strong heat dissipation design and assures extended machine life.

With continuous usage of the product, the speed gets a little less as compared to when we use it the first few times. Otherwise, a good durable and efficient product to use in kitchen.

3. Inalsa Hand Blender Hand Mixer

This product is actually value for money. It has 7 speed system controlled by a single push knob. It whips cream to soft peaks and makes it a delight for bakers. The speed of the motor compared to other beaters is little slow.

There’s one-year warranty on the product and is very useful for blending flours, cake batters, kneading dough, and beating different items.

4. Qualimate Hand Mixer Blender

This electric beater has two professional steel twin beater blades which help in doing a variety of kitchen mixing and blending tasks. It is a light weight beater with 7 speed modules to use for different items. It makes the beating experience easy and quick and is low maintenance.

Though, we noticed the motor gets heated up if used for a little longer period.

5. Gulp Milk Frother Battery Operated Electric Foam maker

This beater is powered by a battery too and is completely portable. It is a great handy kitchen tool, easy to clean, and perfect for mixing, blending, and whipping.

We found that the battery holder is not that user-friendly and it’s tough to change the batteries every time.

6. InstaCuppa Milk Frother Handheld Battery operated

It is a multi-purpose battery-operated portable electric blender. The product is very easy to clean and maintain. It works very efficiently with semi-liquids and liquids.

We do observe that the product is a little less durable in comparison to other beaters and has a very slow speed.

7. Bajaj HM-01 Powerful 250W Hand Mixer

This one is a very kitchen-friendly 3 speed setting electric beater from a brand like Bajaj. The best part, it provides with good after-sales service and satisfies its customers to a great extent. All in all, this beater is a very handy and durable product.

The only thing is that they could have given more speed limits so that it can work faster and efficiently.

8. Scarlett Electric 7 Speed Hand Mixer

It is a light weight beater with 180 watts motor and is very good for beginners. This beater is a very durable and easy to clean product. It is low maintenance and comfortable to use.

However, the motor gets heated up if used continuously for a long time. Other than that, the beater serves its purpose well and is worth trying.

9. JONTUS Electric hand mixer egg beater machine

This beater is good in tackling many kitchen tasks and has 7 speed modules that can perfectly whip cream and egg whites, blend, mask, and knead. It has a compact design and a convenient shape to use.

It does not come with a warranty. Though, the product is very user-friendly and durable.

10. DARZILLA Electric Egg Beater Hand Held High Speed

This electric beater comes with 7 levels of speeds for different varieties of products to be made. It is an excellent product to whip cream and other things.

Though, we felt that the motor can be a little heavier for professional usage.

Our Product Testing and Research Methodology

We select our products based on customer ratings, surveys, and several other parameters. For selecting the best electric beater for whipping cream, we selected 40 electronic beaters to test which were listed on different marketplaces. We read detailed descriptions of each product before undertaking them for analysis. Here are the complete details of our survey procedure.

Why You Should Trust Us

We picked 40 kinds of whipping cream beater machines to use and analyze them properly. They were tested at different levels and parameters. We made up a team of volunteers which included homemakers, professional chefs, home bakers, a small bakery, taste bud checkers, and bakery learners. Our team provided them with different beaters to use and try different recipes for more than 6 months in order to analyze the beaters on different parameters.

To choose the best hand beater for whipping cream, our volunteers tried varieties of desserts, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, etc., to judge the whipping cream beater machine at all levels. They kneaded different types of flours and even churned variety of items for mixing to check the durability and other capabilities of the beater.

Who This Is For

These days, people are involving themselves in more and more home activities, especially trying different cooking and baking products. Home-made cakes have a huge demand and we love to innovate with several types of other desserts too. Professional chefs are also adding variety to the menu. The whipping cream beater machine is meant for:

  • Every homemaker wishing to work more efficiently
  • Professional bakers to use in the bakery
  • People who are learning bakery and other dessert items
  • Home cake and dessert bakers
  • Hotel management students learning cooking

Particularly on the lookout for the best electric beaters in India? Here are the top choices that you can buy for best results.

How We Picked

We have listed around 90 parameters in different categories to judge the whipping cream beater machine. Some of the main heads of parameters are as follows:

  • Speed: Speed is one of the very important aspects of electric beaters. We checked different speed limits of the electric beaters and time taken to whip cream, knead etc. to judge the efficiency of the product. The electronic beaters have different speed modules to do different tasks.
  • Motor: Motor is the main part of the electronic beaters. We have studied all the details of the motors of the beaters. We have shortlisted motors with different watts so that we can check how long it works without getting heated.
  • Maintenance: Beater is meant for regular use in the kitchen. Such products should be easy to maintain with less time consumption. We thoroughly checked the service and maintenance of each beater we have shortlisted.
  • Cleaning: Electronic beaters have sharp removable blades generally made up of steel, they all are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily with soft scrubs. We particularly checked the complete cleaning process of each beater to judge the product well on all aspects.
  • Durability: The Electronic beaters we have selected have a good ability to work for a long time without any damages or any other drawback. We checked the durability of each electronic beater in doing different tasks so that we can thoroughly check each aspect.
  • Electricity Consumption: Electricity consumption was also noticed for each beater. Few beaters were having very heavy motors with more electricity consumption. We selected the best motors with minimum values.
  • Warranty: Each beater has a warranty of 1 - 2 years. The details of the parts covered under warranty are listed on beater packaging. Though motors are covered under warranty of all the beaters we have selected.
  • Reviews: We have checked the reviews of many people who have used them earlier, using them for a long time, or have just started to use them so that we can understand each beater usage very well.
  • Ratings: We generally rank our products top pick, runner up and budget pick. Rating plays an important role in deciding the result of each parameter listed. We work very strictly on the rating part of each product and each product parameter.
  • After Sales Support: These days customer service really matters a lot. We checked the after sales service of each electronic beater and checked the timeline given by the customer care to solve the problems.
  • Attachments: Efficiency of electric beaters majorly depends on removable blades, stirrers, dough hooks and holders. We thoroughly checked the quality and usage of all the essential attachments available with the beaters.

Our Picks

Our team and volunteers make a lot of effort in analyzing and studying each and every product to select the best products list. The following are the best electric beater for whipping cream  judged on stringent  parameters we have listed to finalize the same.

Final Verdict

Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer was the top pick for the best electric beater for whipping cream. It was highly durable, multi-functional, and easy to maintain.

For our runner up we have finalized Skytone 800-Watt Hand Mixer Beater Blender Electric Cream Maker, an efficient product that comes with a heavy motor and can be used easily for long hours too.

We selected Inalsa Hand Blender Hand Mixer as our budget pick of the best electric beater for whipping cream. It comes with a 1 year warranty and is a very useful and durable product.

We always try to choose products which genuinely adhere to all of our parameters. Don’t forget to check the complete list and article to select the top quality whipping cream beater machine.