Daily intake of eggs can give a major portion of essential nutrients to your body. As they are easy to cook food hence, most of the people prefer eggs for breakfast. Electric egg boilers are the best kitchen appliances for busy people who prefer eggs for breakfast. Here are some of the best egg boilers in India that you can buy viewing your needs and their highlights.

Kent Instant Egg Boiler holds our top rank in best egg boiler in India. This electric boiler enables you to boil seven eggs at a time and will turn off automatically hence chances of cracks are less. If you're working and need no time to make breakfast, grab this best electric egg boiler in India.

Our Pick

Kent Instant Egg Boiler

Best Electric Egg Boiler in India

With automatic functions, this egg boiler is a must have in your kitchen. Compact design and unique features make it truly stand apart.

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The boiler also lows power consumption. Hence, to save electricity bills, it could be the best deal. It has no non-stick coating which could disappoint you.

Our runner-up device - Simxen Egg Boiler Electric is quite safe and durable and also considered as the best egg boiler in India. The best thing about it, this boiler cooks eggs uniformly and without creating any noise. It is very easy to operate.

Runner -Up

Simxen Egg Boiler Electric, Multi-Color

Safest Egg Boiler in India

A durable product that assures safety as well. Premium pick as far as egg boiling is concerned. Grab it to boil eggs in no time.

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The inside of the device gets very hot and you should be more careful while opening it.

If you want an egg boiler for making tasty omelets, fried eggs, fried fish, dumplings, and pancakes, then our budget pick is the right deal for you. This Soflin electric egg boiler is made out of high-quality stainless steel. The heater can boil eggs in just 7 minutes. This electrical appliance can also be used to steam vegetables and dumplings.

Budget Pick

SOFLIN Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off

Best Egg Boiler at an Affordable Price

Looking for a budget product? This one is surely a win. Nominally priced amongst all its competitors, this egg boiler is never going to disappoint you.

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Make sure you use drinking water otherwise it will hamper the product quality.

Best Egg Boiler In India With Remarkable Features

Grab these best egg boiler brands in India to get a soft, medium, and hard egg breakfast of your or your family’s choice within a few minutes.

  1. Kent Instant Egg Boiler
  2. Simxen Egg Boiler Electric, Multi-Color
  3. SOFLIN Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off
  4. Glen Egg Boiler 500 Watt with 3 Water Levels
  5. U Uzan X2 Multifunction Poach Boil Electric Egg Cooker Boiler
  6. KENT 16069 Super Egg Boiler
  7. Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler
  8. Hestia Appliances IQ-Egg Boiler
  9. KENT 16053 Egg Boiler
  10. KWT Multifunctional 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiling Steamer

1. Kent Instant Egg Boiler

If you are looking for the best egg boiler brands in India with automatic functions, Kent instant egg boiler is a must-have for you. This user-responsive egg boiler is equipped with three different egg boiling methods. Additionally, it is not very space-consuming.

The only downside is that the non-stick coating is missing. Apart from that, this reliable boiler is best for those who stay in hostels and are far away from home.

2. Simxen Egg Boiler Electric, Multi-Color

If you are looking for a safe and durable electric egg boiler, grab the Simxen egg boiler which comes with automatic on-off buttons. You can cook eggs as per your desire. It is constructed using high-quality ABS material.

However, it takes 7-8 minutes for the boiling process in hard settings. The inside body gets too hot as compared to the outer body. Overall, this lightweight product and sleek design egg boiler could be an ideal buy for easy and fast operation.

3. SOFLIN Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off

The next best egg boiler online in India comes from Soflin. The SOFLIN egg boiler has seven eggs boiling capacities. This multi-functional single-touch egg boiler allows you to cook soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs and even poach them. This is a non-stick coated pan that uniformly distributes heat and allows easy and quick frying and steaming.

It is advisable to use drinking water to boil eggs. This compact and good-looking product can also be used for gifting purposes.

4. Glen Egg Boiler 500 Watt with 3 Water Levels

Like other famous brands, this electric boiler comes with 3 water levels and can also cook up to 7 eggs at once. The stainless steel heating plate egg boiler is quite safe to use and also allows cooking eggs to perfection. Additionally, it has an automatic power-off function that automatically turns off the pot after the food is cooked.

The only downside with this quality product is its small size power cable.

5. U Uzan X2 Multifunction Poach Boil Electric Egg Cooker Boiler

If you're a bachelor and want to buy an electric egg boiler to make your life easy, buy this without giving it a second thought. The product comes in admirable and sturdy packaging. It is very lightweight and also convenient to carry anywhere.

The wire is extremely short. Apart from that, this budget egg boiler is amazing at a given price.

6. KENT 16069 Super Egg Boiler

If you're also a busy bee and looking for the best electric egg boiler machine that can provide boiled eggs in a short time, Kent's 16069 egg boiling machine might be a good deal for you. The product is equipped with an automatic on/off, flat heating plate, transparent lid, 3 modes of operations.

This device is designed with a stainless steel body that offers excellent and faster performance.

7. Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler

This durable and multi-utility product from Inalsa is much more than an egg boiler. It can be used to cook veggies, and different kinds of egg salads, classic deviled eggs, egg sandwiches, and much more. This carefully designed boiler offers an optimum level of user safety. Its break-resistant food-grade lid ensures long-life usage.

The package contains no instructions about how to use the steaming bowl. However, it requires no learning curve. You can easily use it after watching some videos.

8. Hestia Appliances IQ-Egg Boiler

If you are a big fan of an egg-based diet then the Hestia egg boiler is the perfect device for you. It can steam up to 7 eggs at one go and saves a lot of your cooking time, fuel, and water. Just pour a recommended quantity of water into the heating plate, place the egg on a plate and cover it and you will get boiled eggs in just 7 minutes. Made of high-quality ABS material, this famous boiler is durable and safe to use. It comes with 3 different boiling modes and automatic shut-off and overheating protection.

Its push-button switch is not auto-off. Irrespective of this con, this egg boiler is highly purchased because of its high-grade quality.

9. KENT 16053 Egg Boiler

If you love eggs and are looking for an automatic device to get perfectly boiled egg outputs, grab this Kent egg boiler. You can easily prepare hard-boiled 7 eggs in one go using this device. The device distributes uniform steam that's why you'll never get any crack on eggs.

The device is quite safe and you can easily carry out hot boiled eggs as the tray has heat-resistant handles.

10. KWT Multifunctional 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiling Steamer

If you are in search of a compact, lightweight, non-stick, and easy-to-carry egg boiler device during travel, you have reached the right place. KWT egg boiler features a sturdy and premium look with a minimal design.

Its plastic egg tray is made up of good quality and is not frail. The few downsides are a small size and short length of the cable which is around 60cm only. You need to get an electrical socket close to your platform. Apart from that, the boiler is perfect for daily egg boiling needs.

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Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Our entire team spends long hours and invests lots of effort to grab and provide our users with only the most useful devices. Here, we will share our flawless methodology followed by our team members in producing this list of the best electric egg boilers in India.

Why You Should Trust Us

This section is mainly intended for those who have any doubt about the authenticity of our chosen products. In short, here we will describe the protocols on which we test and select each product.

The above-mentioned list of the top 10 egg boilers in India is based on our pretested parameters. Best product selection is a tricky part as the market has several egg boiler devices. But our highly dedicated team including experienced technicians put all efforts to create a final list of the top 10 best products.

It was 3000 hours of extensive analysis and testing. The whole process was transparent to each member hence, you can trust what we stated here. For more details, kindly check our following section.

Who This Is For

These safe, compact, and durable egg boilers are a must-have for all those who:

  • Want boiled eggs.
  • Prefer a boiler with three different modes-soft, medium, and hard.
  • Are looking for an egg boiler for the whole family.
  • Want egg boiler during travel.
  • Are bachelor or living at a hostel.
  • Want automatically shuts off the featured egg boiler.
  • Want a good brand egg boiler.

How We Picked

Let's check the parameters upon which we tested, selected, and rejected devices.

  • Material: The quality of material used in egg boilers matters a lot. The devices are made using high-quality ABS material.
  • Automated: These best range of egg boilers come with an auto-cut-off feature that is surely helpful for safe cooking.
  • Size: It is also the main concern of several users. The best thing about our selected products is that they are suitable for any type of kitchen.
  • Warranty: Each product comes with a good warranty period. We tested devices on this factor too and declined products that have no warranty.
  • User Responsive: Another best thing about these products is that they require no learning curve. Users can easily operate these boilers however manuals are also included in packages.

Our Picks

Do review our list of the 10 best egg boilers in India:

Final Verdict

If you want to get your hands on the best egg boiler with a compact design, then our top pick, Kent Instant Egg Boiler with 360-Watt, is the ideal choice with the most exceptional features.

If you want to try another top-quality egg boiler, then our runner-up, Simxen Automatic Electric Egg Boiler, is the perfect option.

If you are searching for a budget-friendly water purifier, then do look at our budget pick, Soflin 7 Egg Poacher Boiler.