Steam mopping not only helps remove stubborn dirt but also kills 99.9% of household germs. Who isn’t a cleanliness freak these days? And steam cleaning presents the most effective way of sanitization. It leaves the surfaces streak-free and disinfects them as well. We are here to present to you the best steam mop in India 2023. Now, if you ask us how we made our choice, well, it is the result of 30 days of consistent cleaning with over 25 (27 to be precise) products. And what you get to see here is the conclusion that leads us to the best steam mop in India.

Now, if we are to talk about our top pick that would undoubtedly be Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop. As its name, everything is so fresh and powerful about this product. This steam mop works up to 2x faster than any comparable one and can clean up the toughest of the stains. It even comes with Febreze spring fragrance discs for that added hint of lingering fragrance. The product also lets you choose the steam control out of 3 predefined settings – low, medium, and high. It stands on its own, heats up quickly, cools down fast, and a single filling of the water tank is enough for wide surface coverage.

Our Pick

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop

Best Steam Mop in India

Perfect in every aspect. A durable and long-lasting product that gives the best cleaning.

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Some things that we did notice about the product were that the cord length could have been improved for better usability. In addition, the extra scrubber at the pad's base does not prove much useful and does the same thing as normal pads. Otherwise, the product is superb, gives the best cleaning, and serves your purpose very well.

Now, if we talk about our runner-up product, SharkNinja Steam Pocket Mop, the cord length is good which allows cleaning longer and larger areas. The product heats up fast and gets ready in just 30 seconds. It leaves floors completely dry within a short time. The design is lightweight, easy to use, and sanitizes all types of floor surfaces.


SharkNinja Steam Pocket Mop

Best for Those Who Focus On Looks With Performance

A true amalgamation of looks and performance. Passes our rigorous testing results too.

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Assembly of this product is also easy and you can put it together in less than 5 minutes. The drawback, however, is its non-detachable water tank. You need to take either the complete unit to the sink to fill it or get the water to the location where the unit is.

Now, this isn’t the problem with our budget product, Leifheit Clean Tenso Steam Cleaner. This product is easy on the pocket, comes with a removable water tank, and has got an extra-long power cable. One filling of water gives non-stop 40 minutes of usage. This mop gets ready for use immediately and is equipped with six nozzles for the even and effective distribution of steam.

Budget Pick

Leifheit Clean Tenso Steam Cleaner

Best Budget Pick

Has everything that you would ever expect from a steam mop. Gives good results. Affordable too.

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However, adjustment of the steam’s output has to be done using a built-in knob and may prove a bit difficult for some users. Else, the product is the best buy for those looking for an economical option. It picks up every type of dirt well leaving the floors thoroughly cleaned.

Best Steam Mop in India

Here we present to you the best steam mop in India carefully picked by our team after hours of research and use. These satisfied our testers and we hope, they would satisfy you too.

  1. Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop
  2. SharkNinja Steam Pocket Mop
  3. Leifheit Clean Tenso Steam Cleaner
  4. BLACK+DECKER 7-in-1 Steam-Mop
  5. Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop
  6. Deerma ZQ600 Multi-Function Steam Cleaner
  7. IBS Green Color Steam Mop for Home and Office Cleaning

This is the result of our rigorous testing. As we already mentioned earlier, we did the testing of 27 products and used them consistently for 30 days. Only the ones you see could pass our testing methodology. Do give them a try.

1. Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop

This product has got every single feature that you would ever require. And that’s why; it is our top pick product. It works 2x faster than any of its comparable products, is smart set digital, and gives you variable steam control. The fragrance discs take the cleaning one step further and add that much-needed freshness to the home.

The only flip side is its cord length that could have been a bit better for more convenience. Apart from that, it is a classic product with the best features and durable design. 

2. SharkNinja Steam Pocket Mop

With an extra-long chord and good designs, this product has won the heart of its customers. Its pretty looks and high performance can let you easily fall for it. The device gets ready in 30 seconds, gives you the best-in-class cleaning. The device is easy to assemble too and comes together in mere 5 minutes.

The only downside is its non-removable water tank. Had it been there, this would have surely been a great competitor for our top pick product.

3. Leifheit Clean Tenso Steam Cleaner

Leifheit steam cleaner does its job pretty well as it has got six nozzles to distribute the steam evenly through the cleaning pad. What’s great about this product is that it has an XL detachable water tank that can be used continuously for up to 40 minutes without a refill. The replaceable water filter, high-quality microfiber wiping pad, fold-away handle, and fast ready time make it one of the best products to try.

The only thing that can be difficult for some users is it knob type control to adjust the output of the steam. It doesn’t give you precise control to do so. Otherwise, the product is the best one and very easy on the pocket.

4. BLACK+DECKER 7-in-1 Steam-Mop

In a white/blue combination, this product is a true example of classic looks along with performance. What’s best is that it gives you a 7-in-1 function to quickly switch the product from a steam mop to a handheld steam cleaner. Clean your floors, mirrors, tiles, and whatnot! The high-performance motor is designed to give you the best results. It is fast and gets the steam ready in mere 15 seconds.

However, the quality of the product could have been better. The connection pin sometimes gets heated up quickly too. But, if you look for its usefulness, it gives you a range of features.

5. Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop

This steam mop has got an onboard spot boost brush to let you remove the toughest and stickiest of the messes. It leaves behind a refreshing scent as you clean for an added freshness. Users can choose between two steam settings – high and low. The mop is super easy to put together and is perfect for stubborn dirt or grout lines.

Durability is one aspect that needs to be worked upon for this product. It may not prove much useful for everyday usage. If you are looking to invest in a steam mop that you need to use once or twice a week, you can go for this product.

6. Deerma ZQ600 Multi-Function Steam Cleaner

This home steam cleaning mop comes with 5 different types of interchangeable brush heads that let you clean floors, furniture, mirrors, curtains, and so on. The device takes 20 seconds to heat up and get ready. It is lightweight, powered with 1600W, and gives you the best protection from leakage. The best thing about this product is its durable body which is also resistant to corrosion.

The only downside is its 230 ml water tank which gives you only 11 minutes of cleaning once the device gets ready. This is pretty little compared to its other competitive products. Else, the machine is good with pretty looks and easy handling.

7. IBS Green Color Steam Mop for Home and Office Cleaning

In a practical and user-friendly design, this steam mop is worth trying for. It is a multipurpose product that can be used for floors, carpets, windows, garments, as well as a handheld product. The lightweight design makes it highly usable and the steam control dial gives you full control of the steam settings from low, medium, to high.

The only drawback that we found is the quality of the product. It should have been better owing to the features it provides. Else, if you are looking for a reliable cleaning solution for all your office needs, you can easily go for this product.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

This is how we have tested for the best steam mop in India. As we always mention, we have to be transparent and you need to know this. It will let you identify your choice of product and trust us for our genuine review.

Why You Should Trust Us

If you google for the best steam mop in India, you may find 100's of search results and articles. But, how many of them could you find that have tested the products before presenting you with the best list? Ours is the one and only one such review that gives honest and genuine information. What's not good in a product is not good. And we don't fear mentioning that. We wish to own your trust and can only do so if we give you the right information.

For this particular review, our two team members, Siya and Mansi, have let their sweat out for the rigorous testing. Believe us, satisfying them is not easy. Our team also included a microbiologist, Tanvi Bakshi, for justifying the credibility of the products.

If this is not enough, you can try one of our products and would know for yourself.

Who This Is For

The article is for anyone who wishes to keep his or her home clean and germ-free. Steam mopping is known to provide with best sanitization solution. It kills 99.9% of germs and keeps the surface looking clean and hygienic.

In case, you are interested in buying the best spin mop in India, the best robotic vacuum cleaner, or the best spray mop in India, we have still got you covered.

Ideally, this post is for those who:

  • Have kids at home
  • Cannot rely on maids for the best cleaning
  • Are super sensitive when it comes to hygiene
  • Can invest a bit for best cleaning practices
  • Are looking for the best and affordable steam mops

You can easily rely on our reviews and get the one that suits your needs.

How We Picked

Our experts didn’t pick the products as such. They have used certain important parameters to make their decision. These include:

  • Cord length: The length of the cord matters a lot. It determines how far you can use the product with a single plug-in. This gives you much more convenience and ease of use.
  • Water tank capacity: This capacity also matters. It affects the time a steam mop gives for cleaning after it gets heated up and is ready to use. Higher is the capacity, more cleaning time the user would get. Our picked devices are good enough for basic everyday cleaning.
  • Durability and design: Any cleaning device that you use has to be durable, lightweight, ergonomically designed, and should give you an effortless cleaning. The products that we have tried to incorporate give you all such features.
  • Assembly: Assembly of the product matters. The products listed can be easily put together by the users in no time and do not require any professional interventions.
  • Ready time: Ready time is the time a steam mop takes to heat the water. It should range anywhere between 15 – 40 seconds. More than that, the device adds up to extra efforts and cleaning times. Our selected products satisfy this requirement too.
  • Effectiveness: The steam mop should provide the best cleaning. And we can assure you of the effectiveness of our chosen products.

Our Picks

Find below our top picks that have qualified themselves as the best steam mop in India to our experts.

Final Verdict

If you ask for our recommendation, which would undoubtedly be Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop owing to its best performance and durable design.

However, if you are a bit skeptical about this product, you can choose our runner-up, SharkNinja Steam Pocket Mop. It should certainly be your second choice.

In case you are looking for a budget product, you can go for Leifheit Clean Tenso Steam Cleaner that is high-performing yet easy on the pocket.

We leave the final decision to you. The choice is yours. Read the review and pick the one you find most suitable as per your requirements.